This strain of swine/bird flu, I believe was created in a lab, it's very rare for diseases to effect 2 species let alone 3. Also the people who are most venerable, are not the very young and very old, but the people in-between. It also is more dangerous to overweight people, where normally thin people are more venerable.
The 1st cases were in Mexico, and it seems that i was created to target mexicans.
Despite most case being quite mild with only a relatively few deaths there as been a widespread panic. There are 2 possible reasons for this, either the virus as mutated and now it's effecting more people that the CIA or whoever created it intended, and they realised that they have seriously messed up. Or it was created with the intent of creating panic, so the government can control us, and force toxic vaccines on us.
The scary thing about this is people seem to be wise to the fact, that the panic is greater than the virus. Is it that the government misjudges the response of the public, or they don't care because the new world order is already upon us.
People now have to tell their employer where they have been on holiday, in case they come into contact with the virus. The government is already planing a mass vaccination program, and the chance the vaccine is toxic.
Has the new world order started? Control of our movements mass vaccination, and they don't seem to care anymore that the people can sense something is wrong. After all normal flu kills more people.

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Comment by Pam Vredenburg on May 12, 2011 at 6:28pm
I have heard that if the Micro Chip is the mark of the beast , We will have to be willing to take the chip. We will have to Pledge Alegience to the Evil One! We will know what it is (the chip=666)

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