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Glenn Canady’s Gorilla Website Marketing BANNED
Jan.25, 2005 in General Web Marketing
I just spent an hour typing this post and then just now deleted it. I decided to write it a week ago and at the time I was too hyper and annoyed/excited to do it any justice. Now I’m simply too far removed from the details and my thoughts are too unorganized to write a good post. So instead, I will provide you with some very useful links about Glenn Canady and his firm, Gorilla Website Marketing (they also have a few other names, which I’ve noticed is something sketchy firms like to have so that they can continue operations should there be bad publicity with one of their brands/names).
Check these links out, especially the first one:
Blog About Glenn Canady and How He Scammed a Guy Out of $8,000
Digital Point Forum thread about Glenn
Log of SPAM sent by Glenn received by some guy…
In short, here’s the jist of why Glenn’s company and SEO practices bug me:
- they use a one method/strategy fits all type of approach
- they send a ton of extra annoying email SPAM and don’t seem to honor remove requests
- they try and “trick” and “fool” the search engines rather than focusing on building a great website
- their methods sometimes work in the short run but can get you banned or cause your rankings to drop or be penalized in the long run, costing their clients money
- they take people’s money, mislead them and don’t stay around to make sure things go well
- they are sketchy in everything they say and do – have different company names, try and remove themselves from responsiblity, etc. etc.
- they have no respect for honest hard work and legitimate search engine optimization
They also make their clients sign contracts like this:
It is the recommendation of GBJ Marketing Inc. that you do not employ our Traffic Blaster service on any website that represents your sole or even a major source of your income. While our techniques have proven successful in the past, there is no guarantee that they will be acceptable to the search engines in the future. Due to the ever changing guidelines, GBJ Marketing Inc. in no way guarantees any additional listings in any of the major search engine results. The signer of this document also acknowledges that using new and innovative ways to promote their website(s) in the search engines may result in negative results which may include loss of Google Pagerank and being taken out of the Google index. The signer holds GBJ Marketing Inc harmless for any negative results that our free promotional service may cause.

Sorry I could not provide a more cohesive post here. My head is spinning with frustration and resentment towards some of these sketchy SEO firms that take people’s money and give them nothing of value in return, and then run away from the problem… Makes it that much more difficult in operating as a legitimate firm. Go read that blog link I posted above…

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