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Jul 31, 2013

If you watch one video in your life make it this one, where the fullness of the evil agenda is exposed and not only by me but by one of their own - Mk Ultra mind control slave Katy Perry.
They did not think that the truth movement, or I might say that I would see what they were showing in this video but it was sent to me with perfect timing as I was unveiling their agenda and when I saw it I was blown away.
While people should see the full immaculate deception playlist which includes 4 broadcasts, it is the end of this broadcast where we are faced with the intent of evil and I become so furious at their throwing it right in our faces thinking no one would see it that I actually had to end the broadcast. Thus the last 20 minutes should not be missed and they are trying so hard to keep it offline that I have had to dub over the music so please after seeing that go watch the official video and the video showing the lyrics so you may come to understand this as well as possible. Even I have since doing these broadcasts seen more and more things in this video which blatantly spell out what they are working to do, though much of it is in flashes to fast for most people to notice.


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Comment by Kerry Hay on August 6, 2013 at 7:22pm

Only read this article if over 18-years of age, because your government doesn't want you to know. "There are sick minded scientist that have transplanted many a primate's head from its own body to that of another as one of the greatest medical achievements of the twentieth century, how disgusting. No animal should be subjected to this barbaric cruel torture.

Dr. Robert White - at the time, a neurosurgeon at Cleveland's Metro Health Care Center - experimented with keeping disembodied monkey and dog brains alive during the 1960s. In 1970, he upped the ante by severing the head of a rhesus monkey, then attaching it to the headless, still-living body of a second monkey. An article from London's Sunday Telegraph Magazine sets the scene of the 18-hour surgery.

Chalk marks on the floor fixed the position of more than thirty highly drilled professionals; two surgical teams, a squad of anesthesiologists, assorted nurses, phalanxes of technicians, a bevy of scientists equipped to analyze blood and urine samples on the spot. The poor creature regained consciousness and, according to White's paper in Surgery, it and the subsequent Frankenmonkeys were well aware of their surroundings, visually tracking people and objects. Traumatized beyond all comprehension, they were also agitated and violent, chomping a staff member's finger "if orally stimulated. In her death book Stiff, Mary Roach writes.

The monkeys lived anywhere from six hours to three days, most of them dying from rejection issues or from bleeding.


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