I think it is important to open a dialog about having enough time.  What do we need time for?  How valuable is time and how do we prioritize it?  Most of us would say that we are busy providing for our families and for ourselves; pay mortgages & rents, utilities and equipment payments, and putting food on the table.  These are important, you can't get by without taking care of this personal business.  But what about the rest?  What should we be investing it in?  The basic living priorities take up so much time and energy these days that what little is left is spent in exhaustion and the last thing any of us care to do is spend it mired in the problems of our time.  But is this the right attitude to take?  Do we have the luxury of feeling our exhaustion, of walking away from a growing cadre of horrors and illicit dealings in our midst?


Consider for a moment historical events of the past.  What would those who survived the experiences of world wars, socio-political revolutions, trans-national corporate machinations and more have given to go back and have the time to reinstitute checks and balances upon power? 


I will try to explain something.  Please don't be offended if it comes out sounding a little weird.  Everything is interconnected.  Powerful intent enacted at the top of the structure becomes reflected or visible in the most microcosmic at the bottom of the structure. So you can have intent at security at the top with a no-holds-barred attitude and it results in things like this at the bottom of the structure where most of us live - see attached pdf. (writ of assistance)  (see article "Against Writs of Assistance," by James Otis)  In the same vein to use a common point of contention among the population, you can have an intent to provide security of a level They/the Mgmt deem necessary at the top and then the translation is a Tyranny at the bottom in the form of things like: TSA putting their hands down peoples pants against skin and eliciting a cry of outrage from the population.  When you take away from the population through intent, the responsibilities for self-welfare and providence which go hand in hand with freedom, liberty, and an ethical society then Tyranny is the end result. 


The people at the top are insulated.  They don't experience the results of their handiwork.  They enact legislation to modify policy on something like how the FDA handles food safety and the end result is SWAT teams ransacking struggling single house-wives and Omish familes who have small dairies and sell milk for a living to others in their community who seek to purchase it; what you have is federalized police who recieve demonizing documents that teach them to hate and fear the population they were created to protect as first responders; what you have is a decorated veteran being shot 60 times inside his home within seconds of his young wife notifying him that there are strange men gathered outside his home as he tells her to take their children and hide in a back bedroom closet, only to be murdered with no warning in his own hallway in front of them because the 'authorities' are doing house to house sweeps for drugs and he is labled as 'dangerous' because he is a veteran and is known to own a gun....his gun which he'd taken up to investigate the situation in a neighborhood of rampant home invasions by criminals didn't even have the safety off!  And those are just a few of the multitudes of things I could mention.
My point is that many who don't have time, are in that predicament because they don't know what is happening around them; they are victims of three things....one self limitations due to prioritization from a position of being uninformed, two an already conscripted media, and three because of a pre-designed cultural atmosphere that has taught you that it isn't your problem and that you shouldn't care! 
My priorities with time allocation is from the point of seeing wide swaths of the corruption and its results.  I know what is coming and no one will listen; they have different priorities and it takes a great deal of time to learn the language being used, the policies being acted out, and the resulting events.  Many who are aware right now are on edge.  The uninformed are confused and bewildered and think that the informed are a little nuts...but when you know and become aware then you can't help but find the current situation intolerable.  Most people won't perceive it that way until they have experienced directly multiple aspects of the new system being overlayed upon the old. 


So what do societies do as apex of events and policies reach points of intolerability?  Most implode.  Civil War or Internal Socio-Political Revolution is the ugliest of all wars.  It brings out not just the evil that instigated it but spawns offshoots of opportunists which do the same...rape, murder, pillage without remorse.  That which holds us in stasis for the moment is that the afflicted are awaiting the clear unadulterated justification...and that is rapidly forming.  Moral justification is becoming more and more clear every day.  Texas just day before yesterday was informed by the federal government that an illegal blockade of all air traffic and airports would be shut down if their legislature passed the bill that was unanimous in their House; if they also passed it in the Senate and it was signed and became state law that made it illegal for the TSA to touch citizens of all ages and types inappropriately...meaning in ways and bodily places that constituted pedofilia and molestation.


It has become increasingly difficult to share dialog with people who are new to the problem this country faces.  There is a gap growing where those who know or are aware and watch, network information, and discuss what is happening and between those who know only what mass mainstream media feeds them.  The priorities of time are different between the two groups and it takes a great deal of time to understand the leviathan that has become the problem.  It is not something which you can simply point to and say, "look there's the cause!"  It is far more complicated then that.  This means that the future of the country will no longer be written as a Republic.  Instead it will be written by a brewing conflict and an infowar between to behemouths...those who know and those who orchestrate an illicit global governance that has less to do with formulating a free, liberty endowed, ethical world system readied for the next step into a greater community beyond Earth than it does with a self-centric feudal-corporate system which supplants national and cultural boundaries.

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Comment by Pam Vredenburg on May 28, 2011 at 11:41pm

This is a Great Post that you have written! People need to hear the TRUTH!

For the Time you have put in this! Pam


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