The Australian federal treasurer AKA Leghorn will bring-down one of the toughest budgets he has had too delivered to the Australian people. His plan is to half all politicians salaries over the next three-years including the Prime Minister and himself too save the economy from collapse, after all, they caused this deficit in the first place and ordinary people have too suffer at their hands come budget night?

Next Hockey e.g., Leghorn will abolish their $6.2 billion paid parental leave scheme for wealthy coalition members, abolish the $10 billion negative gearing scheme for those with more then one investment property up to $400,000. The Prime Minister will waste more billions of dollars on a new airfield at Badger Creek, Sydney. Abbott's Free Trade Agreements have cost the Australian people $2 billion over the forward estimate making us the laughing stock.

Unfortunately, none of the above statement is true, it's all fiction. If only the above were true, the Australian Pensioners and the disadvantaged in society would not have to pay for the budget fallout of $400 billion plus in the red, but still our politicians spend-spend-spend.           

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Comment by Kerry Hay on May 9, 2014 at 6:31pm

Regarding the May budget. What I would do if I were the treasurer. I would reduce the fuel excise for diesel to 30 cents, not increase it from 36 to 43 cents per litre of fuel. Keep the mining tax, not abolish it, wipe the parenteral leave scheme for the well-off, a saving of 6.2 billion, increase the age pension by $100 per fortnight to create wealth, increase the dole payments by $50 per fortnight for people over 50 years, abolish negative gearing of property with more then one investment property up to $400,000, a saving of $9 billion, abolish the Margin Loan scam tax rebate for investors gullible enough to mortgage their home to gamble with worthless shares, who are than forced to sell when the market falls or pay the banker back the difference, abolish all perks and free travel for politicians who have passed retired from service, halve all politicians salaries for three years until the deficit in addresses, only then will they feel the pain that it's constituents have too suffer, buy German made fighter jets instead of the 58 fighter jets now on order from the US at a cost of $12.2 billion plus.         

Comment by Kerry Hay on April 25, 2014 at 7:48pm

The peoples of Australia are been hoodwinked into believing the crap politicians feed us. The so-called debt crisis in Queensland and Australia can easily be solved by creating our own "Common Peoples Bank" that we goys once owned which was then sold back to the people that already owner it, it was called the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The people of Queensland absolutely despise the Newman and Abbott government, mainly because we the people just seem too hate lying spivs.


Comment by Kerry Hay on April 24, 2014 at 11:43pm


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