The Australian Liberal Treasurer, The Hon. Joe Hockey MP? What were you thinking by giving an ultimatum to the executives of General Motor's Holden, after your insulting remarks, GM will now cease manufacturing cars within Australia by 2017, all thanks to you?

Mr. Hockey told Federal Parliament 11/12/2013 that Mr. Deverlux should "come clean with the Australian people" and be "honest" be honest, just who are you trying too impress Joe?

The Australian Labor Party was offering an additional $500 million to keep Holden here. The Holden car is our car, we built it here from scratch, it's an icon name that we care about, and now there's the lose of 2,900 jobs, and up to 50,000 more within the parts industry. I own a 2006 Rodeo dual-cab diesel, and it's a great vehicle, never had any trouble with it, and I also once owned a 1964 EH Holden sedan, and again, never had an ounce of trouble with it.

It's a say day indeed that GM is leaving Australia, we love this car, it's our heritage.

Joe Hockey should sincerely apologist for his wrongdoing, and ask for forgiveness. It's a dying shame that the Liberal Party has done this to the Australian public without our consent.

What is an "ultimatum" Joe? It's a final demand or statement of terms by one party, the rejection of which by another could cause a breakdown in relations with GM, and this is exactly what has happened, all thanks to the arrogance of Cabinet Ministers decision making.        


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Comment by Kerry Hay on December 18, 2013 at 7:47pm

Can we agree on one thing Tony Abbott AKA the Rabbit? We can save General Motor's Holden from departing our shores by "Nationalizing "IT"? But that's not the way to go! Instead, become a partner with GM and immediately inject 500 million dollars into the company to provide security for the whole manufacturing vehicle parts industry, not only for Holden, but to keep jobs security for those 2,900 workers. If Holden does pullout as planned by 2017, then where will Australia stand as a world leader. We can see that Tony Abbott's nose is out of whack and he just cannot see into the future!!!

Talk to GM Executives before Australia becomes a banana republic and laughing-stock of the car industry. Abbott and Hockey cannot admit that they have made a big blunder by insulting the Detroit management in giving them an Ultimatum to leave!!!      


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