The following is from a page on 'Buy Moldavite' only meant to help you....The reason you need to cleanse your Moldavite is to remove the energetic fingerprint. There’s a good likelihood that multiple people have touched or handled your crystal before it got to you.
Here’s what you can do about it:
Using sea-water: Many people ask me: “John, can moldavite get wet?”. The top cleansing suggestion for a Moldavite is by cleansing it with water. This crystal has lived underground for 15 million years, wet, cold, hot, humid, and in all kinds of weather. It comes from space, so don’t worry about it getting wet.
Running water: Holding your crystal in cold running water is a quick and effective manner to clean it. Simply visualize the water washing off dark energy from your Moldavite and that should do the job. Water represents not only washing away dirt but also cleansing one’s spiritual energy, just like baptism. If you are near the beach, it’s best to get water from the sea.
Rain or a River is another way of cleansing your Moldavite. The process is believed to wash away all the negativity from the stone. Many suggest a 12-hour time of leaving it out in the river or stream, but you are free to calculate the best time to cleanse your Moldavite. Just make sure to secure your Moldavite, so it won’t get washed away.
Using sea salt: Sea Salt is a purifying agent, and it can help you get rid of negative energy from your Moldavite. Salt is believed to absorb all the negativity. This method is best used if you’re not near running water or if rain isn’t abundant in your location. Prepare a saltwater mix (2 tablespoons) and leave your crystals in the water overnight. You may add lavender or dried basil, which is totally optional.
Soil: The earthly soil is another cleansing agent for the Moldavite. Healthy and good soil provides life to all the flora and fauna of the earth. Thus, many believe that burying your Moldavite on the soil will not only cleanse it, but also charge your Moldavite. To do this, bury your Moldavite for at least 12 hours or overnight. Some even bury their Moldavite a few days or a week. Mark your burying site so as not to lose it.
Sage burning: Burning dried sage is a popular method of removing unwanted energy from our surroundings (and crystal in this case). To get started, burn a dried sage stick, basil, or lavender and blow the flame off. You can then whirl the smoke all around your Moldavite and envision the negative energy being drawn out.
Sunlight: The sun is the energy-giving agent for all life forces on earth. Exposing your Moldavite to sunlight will not just cleanse, but also charge it. There are many ways to do so. Others who don’t want to expose their Moldavite too long under the heat leave it out only for a few hours. Others believe that it must complete a full cycle from sunrise to sunset. Keep in mind that a Moldavite is a natural glass, so leave it under the sun with caution and care.
Using other crystals: Some crystals like quartz and carnelian are known for their purifying properties. Stacking these crystals on top of your Moldavite and leaving it overnight will clean out unwanted energies.
How To Re-Energize Moldavite
It’s best to re-energize your healing crystal once every month. In doing that, it’ll always be filled with positive energy for you to benefit from. Here’s how you can achieve that:
Place your crystal under the moonlight: The Lunar Energy is powerful and known to get rid of negativity from crystals. You can place your Moldavite in a safe place under the Moonlight and leave it overnight. The best day to do such is during the Full Moon, when the Lunar energy is at its peak.
Through nature: Natural places like beaches, woods, grass, etc. are filled with positive healing energies, and you can make the best use of them. If you live near a beach, placing it underneath the sand is the best way to activate your Moldavite. Or you can simply leave it on top of your grass in the backyard or in the plant pot.
How To Program Moldavite
You need to program moldavite in order to reach your goals. Healing crystals are used for different purposes, and it’s important that they be programmed so as not only achieve their purpose but also aid you on the journey. Here is a powerful way of doing this:
activating moldavite 94k
Meditate with Moldavite
1. Hold the crystal in your hand.
2. Sit or lie down comfortably where it’s quiet and peaceful so that no outside distractions can interrupt what you are doing
3. Imagine yourself achieving whatever goal has been set out before; if looking for an apartment – visualize yourself finding one which suits all of your needs while feeling happy about signing the contract
4. Once done, repeat these affirmations 12 times “I dedicate this purpose [of my goal] with love”
Now your Moldavite is clean and activated for its use. It’s best to repeat these processes at least once every month.
Pre-Activated Moldavites
Now, many Moldavites are sold as pre-activated Moldavites. This means that these Moldavites have been through some kind of ritual to easily help the bearer put its power into use. Some are done through fire ceremonies, others are put under a complete cycle of the sunrise and sunset.
This pre-activation helps the bearer of these preactivated Moldavites to better understand how they can apply it positively into their lives. Moldavite pre-activation is extremely helpful for those who are new to using Moldavite or those that have trouble awakening its power within.
BuyMoldavite does not sell pre-activated Moldavites, and we suggest activating the stone by yourself, so it will match your own energies.
How Some People Are Activating Their Moldavite
Going On A Walk With Your Moldavite
For Nathan of VibesNFrequencies, going on a walk activates your Moldavite. Hold your Moldavite while walking and use your senses separately as you do so. Walk down a street or a park or something more closely to nature.
While walking with your Moldavite, focus on one sense. For example, focusing on the sense of smell while walking on one street. It doesn’t mean closing your eyes or plugging your ears but you are more focused on the things you smell.
Then on a different street or location, focus on a different sense like your sight. Continue doing so until you can adapt to your Moldavite’s energy.
Sound Cleansing
Sound cleansing is one of the best ways to cleanse any stone. You can use crystal bowls or Tibetan singing bowls, which have a variety of sounds and sizes. However, if you want to clear your Moldavite in seconds, using Sound Cleansing with either type of bowl will do the trick!
If you’re trying to clear those pieces that are made out metal such as our moldavite jewelry pieces, it would still might take longer because they tend hold onto more energy than other types.
Activating Your Moldavite The First Time
For Mark Bajerski, Founder of Pure Energy Healing Academy and Spiritual Teacher/Writer, one must activate his or her Moldavite the moment it is received. For him, he would first hold the Moldavite in his palm. Then he would put it on his forehead or as he termed it his third-eye while lying down.
Next, he would put it on top of his closed eyes, placing it on his right first then his left eye. Sometimes he holds it onto his throat, or on his stomach or his abs.
He would then take his right or left hand and place it over the Moldavite to channel his energy into it as well. He believes that your energy activates the crystal’s energy.
Moldavite is a powerful metaphysical gemstone that has been known to help many people with spiritual growth and enlightenment. In this blog post, we’ve talked about how activating moldavite, cleansing and re-energizing it is important, so it doesn’t lose its power.

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