Huey Squier at 3 years old was made to be a sex slave for Homosexual men

This is me Huey Squier in 1956 I was 3 .. People kept kidnapping me .I would end up next to Selfridge Air National Guard.They kept attempting to put me on a plane and fly me to California to be a sex slave for Homosexual men who worked for the FBI. I lived on Hoover Street. George Towers at Kodak developed all my childhood photos on the back of these photos is a Kodak trademark with the date the name George Towers and a II next to the Towers name at Kodak..

My Relative Admiral Byrd died the year I was kidnapped... 1957..I was 4 years old.

The kid sitting on the Floor is Clarence Rose Jr in my home at 23148 Hoover Street in 1957. Clarence Rose was the Pilot of the USS Enterprise Battleship in Vietnam.. I was kidnapped chained to a metal pole and tortured in a basement next door to Mr Cameron and Mr Pratt at this time. The kid sitting directly behind Clarence Rose was my brother and Army Infantry in Vietnam Engineering corp at that same time. My brother came home with a congressional medal of honor in 1969. After Vietnam Clarence Rose became a Professor of Business at Radford University in Virginia a position he holds to this day. I became a Federal Publisher and owner of "Bottomline" A P in the 60's after my partial escape from the men who had kidnapped me in 1957 on Hoover Street. The kid in the Army with the congressional medal of honor bled to death at his Kitchen Table alone on July 1 2012.

Hugh had a twin brother and he was found beaten to death in 1957
Daryl Hall he was from P.A. Daryl Hall was in the basement I was tortured in and masturbating on me as I was tortured.

At my Age of 19 in 1972 Zachary Sitchin visited me in Michigan pulling me away from a performance on a stage to show me his EBLA Tablets and his new Discoveries. We had dinner at a Clock Restaurant .. My friend Jack Hanes, I believe his wife Nancy Hanes was one of the waitresses at the Clock Restaurant whom served us dinner that evening. A new song had hit the airwaves that year by John Cougar Mellencamp named Jack and Diane...I was living with the Cougar used in the Ford Commercials at that time with the Owner Connie the wife of a Sheriff and Diane was my sister in laws name, her brother was the bass player for Mitch Ryder and the Detroit wheelz writing songs Elvis would be singing in Vegas ... My mother in law was Lousie and she was with James Hoffa the Night he disappeared same as I had been with him that morning before the FBI Detained me at my Troy , Michigan home. "Jack get back , Hey Lousie get me off of my knees " was another popular tune playing near that time as I performed at various clubs around Michigan..Every Rock band on Earth surrounded me in Music when I lived with Mr Frisbie and Worked for Morrison in Hoffa's Union a few years later.. The Cook Family , My Mother in Law's family Stalked I and my Kids along with several women for many , many years after my meeting KiKi Nelson Kissel and her sister the Maybelline cover girl..


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Comment by Pam Vredenburg on June 16, 2017 at 7:26pm

Hi, I am on the phone with Hugh Francis Ryan Squier he is trying to prosecute the person or persons who murdered his wife. He says he has not had electric from the time he has been gone from his home and he says it's 100 degrees where he is and he can not even run a fan. He has a refrigerator that runs on propane but it ran out today. Hugh is going to be 64 years old in July and he is in a R.V. Hugh needs your help however how big or small!
You can send him money on his paypal @ and use his email to send funds. His email is

Comment by Pam Vredenburg on June 8, 2017 at 9:22pm

Help A Patriot In Need! Hugh Francis Ryan Squier is in need of help for a lawyer and gas money for his travel, he is on the road now and almost out of gas! He is trying to prosecute the people who murdered his wife. You can send him money on and use his email to send funds. His email is

Comment by Pam Vredenburg on February 7, 2017 at 12:07am


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