I work as a Commissioned Security Officer in the State of Texas & I am a Gun Owner. Share!

December 29, 2012

Hey. My name is Ricky Moore. You may not know me, but that doesn't matter.
I am a gun owner. I work as a commissioned security officer in the state of Texas.
I already earn only $580.00 a month at a reduced pay and low hours.
My job requires me to carry a duty pistol. But Obama and Feinstein want me out of a job, and here is how:
1. They want me to pay a $200 tax stamp on my duty pistol because it would be classified as an "assault weapon". I would be out of a job for 8 months while I waited for the ATF to approve my application for the gun I already own.
2. Before that even happens, I would have to have the sheriff "sign off" on my gun. Then I would have to be fingerprinted and photographed like a common criminal and be entered into a federal database as the owner of an "assault weapon".
3. If it is decided that I am not worthy to be owning such a weapon, or if its decided that I am too much of a political opponent of Obama, this husband and father of 3 would be unemployed and out on the street shorty after.
If you are a security guard in Texas, YOU NEED TO BE ACTIVELY HARASSING YOUR REPS.


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Comment by Travis Broes on December 29, 2012 at 9:46am
It is a wonder you have lasted this long on such a wage. As I understand the world at present, the situation will degenerate very quickly now & there is no point defending anything else other than lives & the necessities of basic life. The world as we know it is almost gone. People will have to grow food in small scattered lots in hidden locations. Try & defend land or property & the Government will besiege & demolish the resisters. You need security,long storage food,medical,comunications & defensive equipment hidden storage in small quantities. A few volumes of compact extensive books for teaching children purposes.They used to use the bible to teach in old times. Not long now till the last step unfolds & winter will be. You will need gas masks fitted with HEPA 100 long use filters,one for every member. learn how to make makeshift masks & filters if not available,increases chance of survival. personal water filter tubes,one for each & a few extra. Undoubtedly a security Guard will be offered a with us or against us or will be exterminated as a trained threat. Every gun owner should be actively harassing the reps you would think but be aware they are rife with informers & will dob you in to the people you need to fight. Forget gun registration because they will come & take it. get unregistered weapons & heaps of rounds ,you will need them in the militia.Download anarchist cookbook. I hope you make it to the other side.

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