Jefferson County Alabama Prepares For Martial Law



As of Thursday 8/20/09 an unprecedented move is taking place in Jefferson County Alabama, the fiscally troubled county forced into dire straits. According to sources, the two jail facilities will be combined into one ……the 200 inmates in the Bessemer facility will be added to the already 1000 inmates in the Birmingham facility. At sunrise today they are to be transported to Birmingham with all Deputies except a skeleton crew to handle the courts , going to Birmingham to handle the transfer. The jail at Bessemer, the 9th most violent city in America, will be closed this Friday 8/21/09 however, this facility actually has an unopened floor and would provide a combined 400 bed facility perhaps destined for other activities.

A source in that area has stated that it might be taken over in the near future by DHS squads and has potential to be used for a holding facility under Martial Law during the expected mass civil uprisings that DHS is planning and training for due to a Bank Holiday that is highly probable and the impending Flu Pandemic which may according to expert virologists be extremely deadly. Intelligence deep background sources have also stated that they expect this to be some engineered Hemorrhagic Type Flu with Ebola like severe internal bleeding as the likely cause of millions of deaths. These two events are what LEOS and the troops of NORTHCOM including thousands of foreign troops and mercenaries are currently training for all over the country.

In other actions to take place shortly in Jefferson County, Dispatchers are facing pink slips and it is expected that only 12 of them will be left to cover calls for 3 shifts and weekends in this metro area of over 1 million people. Junior Deputies are also stated to likely be on the pink slip chopping block as well and that basic patrols will be curtailed and that only emergency calls and crimes in progress will be responded to for handling. While not immediately threatening loss of life type dangers for the citizens there, it does indicate that all concerned citizens should activate their Neighborhood Watch Groups, Homeowners Associations Private Patrols , and that lights should go on all over Jefferson County in order to prevent what might be a huge jumping increase in crime rates there.

In a not so coincidental report yesterday Wednesday 8/19/09 a report of large numbers of Federal DHS agents were seen in the train station in Birmingham. When questioned what so many DHS Agents and their vehicles were doing there, the cover story was that their had been a bomb threat the week before in Irondale. Speculation is that DHS is moving into this area to take advantage of the revenue gap caused curtailment of police and other services to Jefferson County in order to get a jump on establishing Martial Law. With bomb threats , one might also speculate that residents should look out for any possibility of a FALSE FLAG INCIDENT to be perpetrated by those of the Luciferian factions inside the Government of the U.S. which have a more fascist or totalitarian bent which hungers for Martial Law to stay in power after they create the Chaos ………ORDO AB CHAO is their Motto.

An additional report from Alabama sources has indicated also that a very sudden and fairly large outbreak of H1N1 Flu has taken place at the University of Alabama and at Auburn University. One wonders if DHS is also arriving to handle any Mass vaccinations or to set up Quarantine Facilities?

Good and true Americans in Alabama need to have all eyes on Birmingham and Jefferson County …as should all of the true Patriots who believe in the Constitution And Bill of Rights across America because Jefferson County , Alabama just might be a test case for the violation of Posse Comitatus Act which might see troops of many nations and hired mercenary goon squads flood into that region under Martial Law.

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Comment by Shaun Rooker on March 26, 2012 at 8:00pm

We have top secrete drones flying over us for about two years .I just spotted one this passed week last time I reported it my facebook and yahoo when down .Im still trying to find more videos around montgomery for ufo and drones.

Comment by Pam Vredenburg on March 21, 2012 at 4:36pm

2009? what is going on there now?


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