Junk Food Damages Brain’s Weight & Appetite Controllers


Junk Food Damages Brain’s Weight & Appetite Controllers

Submitted by Lois Rain on June 24, 2011 – 8:38 pmNo Comment

Junk Food Keeps You Eating With Brain DamageYet another reason why eating junk sets up the response to eat more. The standard American diet destroys brains cells that control weight and appetite creating a hard-to-beat obesity cycle. It triggers the the similar types of injury and healing responses of stroke and MS sufferers!

Scientists from the Diabetes and Obesity Center of Excellence at Seattle’s University of Washington fed rats a junk food high fat diet and discovered they doubled their caloric intake three days later. Notably, they showed an inflamed hypothalamus, the area of the brain with weight controlling neurons. Inflammation subsided but returned in four weeks.

Researchers detected a healing response to injury in the brain called gliosis. Dr. Joshua Thaler, lead researcher said, “Gliosis is thought to be the brain equivalent of wound healing and is typically seen in conditions of neuronal injury, such as stroke and multiple sclerosis. We speculate that the early gliosis that we saw may be a protective response that fails over time.”


The research showed damage and eventual loss of the brain’s critical weight-regulating neurons. It is uncertain whether the damage is permanent or not

“The possibility that brain injury may be a consequence of the over-consumption of a typical American diet offers a new explanation for why sustained weight loss is so difficult for most obese individuals to achieve.” Dr. Thaler added. Results were presented to the Endocrine Society’s 93rd annual meeting in Boston.

It is a remarkable finding – a person caught up in this cycle has a tough road ahead and needs help and support to break free. Hopefully, this knowledge can ease the shame cycle overweight people often experience. Unfortunately, Dr. Thaler concluded, “If new medicines can be designed that limit neuron injury during overeating, they may be effective in combating the obesity epidemic.”

A new, possibly addictive drug to enable the condition? While it’s sad to picture people continuing to destroy their brain cells, how is a drug to limit injury going to combat obesity? How will a person to learn how to really un-condition themselves from a condition that might have taken years build up? Given the damage and toxicity that drugs inflict, why is that the only proposed solution?

Think of how many Americans partake of the typical junk food diet – should they all be on the drug?

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