Keep Out! Top secret places governments don't want you to know about.

FEBRUARY 6, 2012

This is a review on Keep Out! a book of controversial proportions by Nick Redfern. Going into the top secret places of the world that governments do not want you to know about. Delving into high security top secret facilities and labeling them for what they are. From Area 51 to HAARP in Alaska to Pine Gap and Fort Detrick to the underground Zhitkur realm. From every country across the Earth including America, Russia, The United Kingdom, Australia, China and many more. This book is an open gate way for every conspiracy theorist to seek the truth about these top secret government installations they don't want you to know about.

Those in power have their secrets hidden away and Nick Redfern has unlocked them with graceful percision. Bringing them forth in more detail to the public's eyes in a way that makes sense and is easy to read. Each section of the book contains the facility and what it consists of. A perfect book for your library of delving into secrets not meant for civilian eyes. The military has done secret tests and developed military technology that has been hid from the public's eyes for decades. Now a manual comes out to give them a run for their money when it comes to deception and mocking the public. From America to China the knowledge and wisdom contained within Keep Out! is amazingly sensitive and makes you feel like you should not be reading it lest a sniper's bullet comes sailing through your window. Which makes it even more fun as we put death and truth on cruise control.

Nick Redfern has touched base with what the public and truthers and conspiracy theorists and UFO buffs want to be in the know about. Touching a nerve of what we are fed up about when it comes to secrecy within the confines of our corrupt governments. This book was fun to read and also a welcome change of scenery from the usual fluff out there. Also great to flip through when doing research if you're a writer yourself or writing articles about such top secret zones as Area 51. Certainly a must have and I enjoyed it very much so.

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