Scientist claim to have found the Higgs Boson, useing the large hadron collider at C.E.R.N.

So I will repost this blog I did when they started using it.


Today (10.09.08 ) the people at C.E.R.N start running the Large Hadron Collider to further our knowledge of particle physic, also the explain where all the antimatter as gone and explain dark matter and other dimensions.

But the thing that has captured the public imagination is the possible discovery of the Higgs bosum or the God particle

The higgs bosum creates a force that give particles that are near it their mass. so there must be higgs bosums all around, but they have never been detected, just like god, hence the name god particle.

The universe is thought to have been created in a time where there was nothing just void.

Particles have the habit of spontaneous being created and uncreated due to quantum effects, but when that happend near a higgs bosum, the uncreation caused a forced vacuum, which is not allowed. So nothing is divided into matter and energy, creating the universe and the big bang 

Some people consider it unsafe to mess with particles that are responsible for the creation of the universe, but we don't know whether a higgs bosum did create the universe or indeed whether they exist. Thats why scientist are egar to find out.

They will be using a project called ALICE to generate very high temperatures simular to when the big bang happend, to answer such questions.

There are many questions to be answerd in th

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