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I have received a message from Harry Link

Harry Link This was the first one, threw out away thinking it was normal wear.
  • Pam Suggs Harry Link This is not good why is this happening?
  • Harry Link Theyre trying to prevent my leaving for NY ands seting up to broadcast live on location, not to mention outting the operatives there as I just did on 911
  • Pam Suggs Harry I had to tag these to your wall for now.
Shaun Rooker They use the belt because slashing a tire is to messy or obvious.I have had my tire slashed three times in my life ,this was to look like a dry old belt problem.
Pam Suggs Harry Link Harry what is this?
Harry Link this is the one from the jeep, asd soon as I started out I heard it fraying so I shut out off. Other jeep its hidden being the house now but its probably going to be cut tonight out wasnt here when they cut those
Pam Suggs I will get this all put together on the site Harry Link like you asked
Linda Lu Kennedy you got to outsmart them if someone is doing it. Rig up some kind of alarm or something that scares them when they try to open the hood.
Pam Suggs Put the Wolf out side!
Linda Lu Kennedy and keep an eye on her. Don't want them poisoning her or anything
Pam Suggs Harry Link if you can tell us what we are looking at?
Anna Marie ur looking at an an alternator, cant really tell but it looks like the drive belt is worn out on it and a pain in the azz to get to.
Anna Marie plug wires look a little worn and the hoses look a little dry rotted. But for the most part, a good power wash would be in order.
Harry Link Thats a brands new belt I put in and next day it had been slashed and went put befor I got 3 blocks away
Pam Suggs Ya But it is Harry's & someone keeps attacking him when He wants to go to NY to broadcast the Wall Street Event!
Linda Lu Kennedy You sure your getting the timing and torque right when you put it on?
Linda Lu Kennedy I'll check with my miracle worker mechanic and see what he says. I remember something like this long time ago.
Harry Link ‎3 belts on 3 days in 2 different vehicles, one of the belts was BRAND NEW cause it was the replacement for the first one slashed and it had an auto tensionier. trust me i know whats going on here and just glad i am now armed not only with guns but also cameras and in a smaller town if i was still in Jacksonville they would already have jailed me for some BS to keep be in place
Harry Link it's not a mechanical issue it is a police state issue
Pam Suggs Tell them about the police Harry Link
Linda Lu Kennedy yeah 2 different vehicles and 1 slashed they want you to know its foul play.
  • Harry Link exactly, one of the ones they slashed was the new ones i put in after they slashed the first one and they seem to know which vehicles i drive and which i don't, scary when you find out local PD knows you that well.
    Pam Suggs Not too good, when it could be your wife driving!
Harry Link
  • They infected me again and theyre slashing my fan belts in my vehicles to keep me from going back to NY, guess NYPD figured out who I was...

  • My wife is seeing this ands starting to understand how seriouse this is now

  • They know I'm expecting things, armed to thw teeth and always ready to broadcast live so this is all theyve done yet

    • No we NEVER back down, but be careful cover all the bases.

  • ALWAYS have a camera ready to roll.

  • this is only going to happen as long as the occupation on NY and if it spreads to other places it will get worse

    • if they are brought to a stop in NY they will leave me alone.

they are trying to make sure i cannot get there to broadcast live on location through their livestream

that would cement things, make them official

took photos of cut fan belts so you can do an article, ask aropund if others are being harrased and such i'll put them on your wall befor starting reinstall. police patroling my area watching me 3 days now, 3 fan belts slashed one of the brand new i just put it in when they slashed the first one and the other from a truck that has not been run it was slashed when i started it up.

and of course the pc is going to be down undetermined amount of time i will try to be back up by showtime monday night but cannot promised.

do a write up including the photos i'm gonna have on your wall and explain to people that activists are being harrased at home to prevent them from making it to NY, it's not just those already in NY

and one more thing, if Alex Jones was legit he wouild already be broadcasting there

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Comment by Linda Menzies on September 26, 2011 at 6:24am
Agree 100% on the AJ comment....what do you mean they are infecting you???? With what?
Comment by Pam Vredenburg on September 26, 2011 at 6:17am
Harry keep us updated on what is going on & BE SAFE! If you need anything just say the word.Rremember you are a Admin here to do what you see fit for the good of both sites & to get information out as soon as possible to the public. Thanks Harry~
Comment by Snake.Cobra on September 26, 2011 at 4:47am
Be safe,Harry link.

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