Millions at Risk of Dying This Winter - Flu Pandemic On The Cards!

According to the author of a book written in May 2015 titled: “Immigration, immigration, immigration!”, that highlights the pitfalls of the UK being a member of the EU and the overwhelming impact of mass immigration is having on the country and in the last 8 years alone, that has seen millions both legal and illegal immigrants flood their villages, towns and cities; – he is warning that it is very likely that a pandemic will soon be raging through Europe and that millions of lives are at risk and especially this winter.   

The mass immigration is being done deliberately and like they did just prior and during WWII.  They are to introduce and let natural colds, viruses and diseases spread like fire and millions will get infect and who knows for sure how many hundreds of thousands if not millions will die this coming winter, next year and by Christmas 2016. 

Everyone knows that if you travel from the UK to Africa or many other third world country that you need to have inoculations, so as to protect you from the many deadly viruses and infections that you could easily contract.

So how come so many people fleeing not just the middle-east, as just as many are arriving from war-torn parts of Africa - are being simply allowed to enter other countries and with no inoculations themselves? 

This will mean those Europeans who have not been inoculated, as they had no intention to go to such third world countries, are now faced with a major threat of being infected.

Now they are talking about "Franken Mega Viruses", and say most viruses are made up of 8 genes, these mega viruses can have up to 500.   

Ebola, Bird Flu, Dengue Fever, Swine Flu, Cholera and many more manmade viruses are already air-born and floating around parts of the globe, due to part of the human cull depopulation programme that the 1% of the 1% - advocators of the Georgia Guidestones messages - want to fulfil.

It's so easier to kill millions, than it is to home them, give them work or welfare and all the other extra amenities and facilities required in Europe, if they are expected to accommodate hundreds of thousands of immigrants that will by the looks of it increase to millions. 

Let's not forget, they are presently discussing taking in "genuine" refugees.  Many don't have passports and as Nigel Fargage pointed out to the European parliament on the 9 September 2015, - many will say they are from a war-torn country and when they are in fact not.

We all know there's already millions of unaccounted for illegal immigrants already living and working here in Europe and the UK.

With us all crammed tight into our villages, towns and cities is how illnesses and viruses spread like wildfire.

Consider this: the 1918 flu pandemic (the Spanish Flu), that raged through Spain where it’s alleged it originated from, then into Europe.  It was an unusually severe and deadly influenza virus that spread into a pandemic that engulfed the world.  The pandemic lasted from June 1917 to December 1920, spreading even to the Arctic and remote Pacific islands.

It’s been said between well in excess of 50 million people died, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history.  

In less than a 100yrs, the world’s population at the time was 1.8 billion.  This has led some historians to label the Spanish flu a “forgotten pandemic.”   Several theories have been offered as to why the Spanish flu may have been conveniently “forgotten” by historians and why still to this day many members of the public are totally ignorant to the true extent of it.  It’s claimed the rapid pace of the pandemic was the cause of so many deaths and previous familiarity with pandemic diseases in the late 19th and early 20th centuries; and the distraction of the First World War.

These people are fleeing devastated regions and areas and where there’s bound to be infections and viruses all other the place and especially where sanitation is a problem.  

It’s been alleged the 2010 Haiti earthquake killed more than 250,000 people, though it’s difficult to pinpoint these figures, as grants and disaster money can be claimed by ‘the government’, according to the amount of people who have been killed, - and left 1.5 million homeless.

On the 15th November 2010 and in the very same month the country was facing a crucial general election, it was reported that rioting had broken out in Haiti’s second city of Cap-Haitian in the North, hundreds of protesters were yelling anti-UN slogans, hurled stones at UN peacekeepers, set up burning barricades and torched a police station.  The protesters are actually blaming those who were meant to be helping them, as it seems many are getting wise to the fact that ‘something’ isn’t quite right in their country.  Since the outbreak (outbreak of what?) began in October 2010, more than 6% of Haitians have had the disease. While there had been an apparent lull in cases in 2014, by August 2015, after the rainy season that year brought a spike in cases, more than 700,000 Haitians had become ill with cholera and the death toll had climbed to 9,000.  It was since proven it was UN “peace-keepers who created the Cholera epidemic.

Be careful out there!

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