Recently we have been hearing news of mass animal deaths. The frighting thing is that there is no satisfactoriness explanation for them.
The media blame, cold, fireworks, starvation, changes in the earth's magnetic field, but none of these explain why so many.
Is this the end of days, or is the real explanation top secret?
In the case of birds, there has always been bad weather, and fireworks have been around for a long time, but we don't usually hear of so many mass deaths. Some deaths have been explained by blunt trauma, but what has caused this trauma. Birds don't usually go crashing into things, unless caught by a strong wind. One possible explanation may be UFO's maybe cloaked UFO's, there has been a lot of UFO sighting lately. Has for changes in the earth's magnetic field, we do seem to be heading for a pole reversal, but the poles have only just started moving, so I don't think that is the cause, besides birds use all their senses for navigation, not just their magnetic sense.
As for marine life, the gulf oil spill might be one of the causes. This oil spill has caused mass pollution, not just by the oil, but the chemicals used to disperse it. It has also effected the ocean currents, which might effect migrations and the temperature of the water. The pollution might effect some creatures breeding cycles. Because some creatures breed then die, that might cause mass deaths.
The cause for some of these deaths might be from some secret weapon and black ops. The main suspect being H.A.A.R.P, a hight power radio transmitter, with frighting military potential.
But for now the true cause for these death remain a secret.

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