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Shocking new proof Obama’s birth certificate is a complete SHAM! On a covert intelligence operation in Hawaii, Dr. Corsi has uncovered new evidence about to rock the nation.
Fellow Patriot,

It’s happening.

Get ready for a firestorm that is going to cause such massive outrage the lying liberals will seethe in anger as they storm the streets.

When the dust settles, the twisted carnage will be all that remains. The damage will be catastrophic.

New information about the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate is expected to prove once and for all that the most horrific fraud ever perpetuated upon the American people has been committed.

We need you now more than ever to get the word out. Here’s how you can help.

Watergate will look like child’s play compared to this.

Since his book, Where’s the Birth Certificate? Dr. Jerome Corsi—our own Tea Party Patriot and Harvard Ph.D., has continued to dig deeper, at great peril.

We can’t release any more details right now other than to tell you…

Dr. Corsi, along with Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse Team, has gone to Hawaii and uncovered glaring inconsistencies and fabrications in regard to Obama’s birth certificate. Shocking new FRAUDS.

There have been mishandlings and missteps by Hawaiian authorities and roadblocks thrown up in their faces as they dug deeper into the records. Surprisingly, what appeared to be a potential deal killer, ended up throwing open the door to expose even more shocking revelations!

I promise you this:
Your blood will run cold when you hear this new evidence

We’re just days away from the shocking new revelations being released about the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate. Information so reprehensible, so mind-blowing it will, once and for all, end any lingering doubt in anyone’s mind whether Obama took his seat in the Oval Office illegally.

This hunt for the truth is shrouded in so much secrecy that a media blackout has been ordered. Dr. Corsi is on a Gag Order not to write any news articles about it yet.

Yes, the revelations are THAT shocking.

But soon my fellow Patriot, they will show the world that the document posted by the White House on April, 27, 2011 is a forgery—fake through and through—and Obama is not who he says he is.

Intelligence officials warn of “October Surprise”

An intelligence source close to government officials in Hawaii—the very source who last year warned a forged Obama birth certificate would be released (and it was)—now says that a forged “original” birth certificate is being prepared.

Dubbed the “October Surprise” for the date of projected release, they’re going so far as to use materials from 1961 with the very intention that it will pass forensic inspection.

Mark my words: what Dr. Corsi and the Cold Case Posse Team have unearthed will trump any of what these evil forces put out there. Put one past Sheriff Joe? I don’t think so.

Already 12 states have threatened not to put Obama on the ballot in their states if eligibility as a natural born citizen is not proven.

Guess what? We’re going to take that 12 and turn it into 24, then 48 then 50.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt the new evidence to come in just days will prove Commie-bama is not eligible to be president.

But we need your help.

These investigations take manpower as well as financial firepower in the extreme. We need you to donate now to help keep our avengers on the right track.

Donate now


You should know…

Dr. Corsi has not been compensated in any way to help the Cold Case Posse Team. Lead investigator Mike Zullo has gone without a paycheck for a long time.

They are doing this because they believe in it and believe that hardworking Americans have a right to the truth.

Can you help us? Will you help us? We really need you to help them finish this investigation and bring the truth to light.

A few dollars is all it takes—or more if you can swing it.

DONATE now to help us support this massive undertaking that takes both manpower and financial firepower.

Hurry, time is critical. If you don’t want America’s Fraud President—the faker, a liar, anti-American commie pig—at America’s helm for the next four years, help us get the job done and GET HIM OUT.

To uncovering truth and justice,

Steve Eichler


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