ON MY WAY HOME 5-19-2011 *****SHARE!~*****READ TO THE END!~

I took this Picutre at the end of my street road today~ Now you too can call FEMA!~

Bad Joke? Ask your GOV.?  I Look at the Triangle & I think, Conditioned Mind Control!

As I said the sign is at the end of my road, I live in the country about 5 minutes from Snow Hill, N.C.

On my way home from dropping my husband off at work I saw this!~No!~What Did My Sparkling Eyes See? Sure wasn't Santa & 8 Raindeer!~

I am like what!~ My Doctor put me out of work yesterday!~ This is why (Below)

Not good when I have bills to pay like we all do & buy meds & special shoes!~ If you can use the Donate Box on the site.  I have been dealing with this for sometime & have been in & out of work due to these Medical Problems.  Either I stay out of work & regain my Health or go to the Hospital. If you can help I Thank You & If You Can Not Help I Understand, We All Have Problems. I Can Not Wait To Get Back To Work!

 Paypal:  www.pamelaasuggs@yahoo.com 


Now there is more to today's storry!~

So I followed them here!~

& MORE!~

Oh My!~ I could have touched this truck!~

They will be in your Town NEXT!~ Pam


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Comment by Pam Vredenburg on May 19, 2011 at 2:34pm

Thank You Pasty. I had to go to Walmart & buy a plastic stand to prop up my feet on the computer. The Dr. wants me to wear something called, Tube a Grip on my legs, cost $60 some dollars, Hope it helps!  Thanks again Pasty!~

Comment by Patsy Kells Geraghty on May 19, 2011 at 12:54pm

Looks like interesting days are ahead for ALL of us! I'm praying for your health Pam!!!


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