Our Nuclear Nightmare - Genocide by radiation: The Abomination that Sets up the Desolation

I spent my early childhood 82 miles from the White Sands nuclear testing site, constantly being bombarded by clouds of radiation from the routine testing of atomic weapons above ground done by the US government after WWII.

My father and brother are nuclear engineers. I spent my teen years just outside of the National Reactor Testing Station for the Atomic energy Commission of the United States.

 I was constantly around the engineers who designed today's fission reactors, and the test reactors which were built to test the theories which evolved during the 1950's and 60's.

I am very concerned about the ongoing Fukushima nuclear nightmare. I know very well that we have been lied to incessantly from the beginning.

It has been notable in Alaska this summer that very few insects survived.  There have been almost no mosquitoes.  I have been suffering from radiation sickness since the middle of  March, despite much care and precaution. 

We have repeatedly been told that there were no nuclear accidents during the testing. That is a lie. Numerous liquid fast metal breeder reactors exploded. One of the early uranium fission reactors, the SL1, exploded while the night crew prepared the reactor for a test the following day. Everyone in the reactor was killed in the explosion. I knew about it because my scoutmaster helped clean up the bodies, and was so tormented by what he had seen that he shared the pictures and particulars with us.

The core meltdown at Fukushima, and the utter lack of credible response to mitigate the radioactive contamination is not an accident in my opinion.  The northern lights remained fixed and unchanging for about 4 hours the night of the earthquake.  Fukushima nuclear disaster was probably inflicted by a seismic weapon.  The seismic record probably proves it. 

Leuren Moret is one of the most respected and experienced scholars in this field, whose work I have been aware of for many years. Please hear what Leuren is saying in this video.  

This seems to be just another facet of the controllers' demonic effort to reduce the earth's population by genocide.  I fear that this time they have gone too far:  They have perpetrated the abomination that sets up the desolation spoken of by Daniel.

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Comment by Brent Douglas Cole on October 22, 2011 at 11:54am

The effects of the increased radiation levels are becoming very evident.

 We will be the victims of genocide if we do not take action against this abomination.


Comment by Pam Vredenburg on October 21, 2011 at 9:59pm
Nice post is this about yourself? I posted the video for you~ God Speed~


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