SEAL sniper being sued by Jesse Ventura found murdered

FEBRUARY 3, 2013

Infamous military sniper and former Navy Seal, being sued by famous conspiracy researcher Jesse Ventura, was found murdered Saturday at a Texas gun range.

As if the saga surrounding the high-profile, yet highly ignored, lawsuit between two former Navy SEALs couldn't get any crazier, Chris Kyle, regarded as one of the most prolific snipers in military history, facing a lawsuit by fellow former Navy SEAL Jesse Ventura for defamation in a best-selling autobiographyabout Kyle's career, was found deadSaturday at a Stephenville, Texas gun range.

Kyle and two other military veterans, Chad Littlefield, 35, and Eddie Ray Routh, 25, were said to have gone to the gun range as a trio around 3:15 Saturday afternoon, when at some point Routh turned the gun on the other two, leaving them for dead and speeding off in Kyle's black pickup truck.

Both Kyle and his friend's body weren't found until over an hour later, after the alleged killer went directly to his sister's house, according to initial AP reports, and immediately admitted what he had done, prompting the sister to call the police. Both men were ultimately pronounced dead at the scene.

Routh, of nearby Lancaster, TX, was arraigned early Superbowl Sunday on two counts of capital murder in the deaths of the two men at the shooting range, which stands about 50 miles southwest of Fort Worth, but no details were released as to how the arrest was made or if the alleged gunmen made any attempts to avoid being arrested.

Authorities handling the case have yet to say whether or not a motive for the killings had been determined, although the mainstream media has already attempted to set the tone by asking whether or not “PTSD, or related antidepressants,” may have played a role in the killer's actions. Those looking deeper into the story however will note the more likely link, directly tied to the lawsuit.

Kyle had stated in the autobiography he and Ventura had an altercation that led to Kyle “punching Ventura out” in a famous Navy seal hang-out after Ventura allegedly badmouthed “the [Iraq] war and America.” Despite there never having been any proof to substantiate Kyle's claims and Ventura's avid denial the situation ever took place, FOX News ran with the book's assertion in early 2012 and used the situation as a story to defame Ventura, assassinate his character and continue propagandizing for the undeclared/illegal and very unpopular war at the same time.

FOX News had been trumpeting the need for the war for over a decade because the war started under "Republican" leadership, but the timing of the book and the FOX news story were seen by many as extremely convenient, considering Ventura had just written a couple very "controversial"bestsellers of his own, was publicly questioning the government's role in many popular conspiracies and was set for the release of another season of the most successful television series in TruTV history, “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.”

The hidden establishment had already censored an episode from the show's first season, the “Police State” episode, and was obviously very uncomfortable with the show existing at all. The third season's release was delayed for over a year and other shenanigans, including very strange and sporadic showtime changes for new episodes late 2012 and the censorship of a new "TSA episode," have been attempted to ruin the show's popularity and momentum.

An initial attempt by Kyle's lawyers to have Ventura's case thrown out was shot down by a federal judge last December, after they tried to argue Kyle's statements were protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The judge allowed the case to move forwardhowever while writing that Kyle's statements “were not protected by the First Amendment if they were knowingly false and defamatory, as Ventura claims.”

In addition to the likelihood Ventura's character would have been publicly vindicated, had the trial continued to fruition, it is likely other sensitive information about the operation, including Fox news's involvement, is being seen as far more likely related to the motive behind Saturday's killings, with Kyle and Routh more than likely being mere co-conspirators or patsies respectively.

Although the media has initially reported this story, while largely (conveniently) leaving out the obvious link between Kyle, Ventura and the lawsuit, just as they under-reported the trial swinging in Ventura's favor, the historical rise of the influence the so-called “alternative' media has started to have on the direction national news stories take, will no doubt cause the establishment to be eventually forced to address the more obvious questions about Saturday's murders, as it has been forced to do in the past with situations like 9/11 and the more recent Sandy Hook school shootings, rather than simply chalking it up to “PTSD,” etc., as they have already attempted to do.

If the media follows suit, look for more on this situation in the coming days and weeks and the media's attempt to make others seem foolish or simply conspiracy "theorists" if merely asking legitimate questions in regard to the more obvious links between those involved.

Additional Info:

During the book tour, Kyle told FOX News the State Dept's comments, saying the Taliban wasn't the enemy, "sounds like treason, to me."

According to the UK's Daily Mail, in April 2012, Chris Kyle was one of many Navy SEALs that were critically outspoken about Obama taking credit for Bin Laden's alleged killing in 2011, during Obama's re-election campaign: "But bin Laden was just a figurehead," he said. "The war on terror continues. Taking him out didn’t really change anything as far as the war on terror is concerned and using it as a political attack is a cheap shot." He added that, "In years to come there is going to be information that will come out that Obama was not the man who made the call. He can say he did and the people who really know what happened are inside the Pentagon, are in the military and the military isn’t allowed to speak out against the commander- in-chief so his secret is safe."

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