Sound Money Bill of South Carolina Could be Sabotaged by CFR Infiltrators


**Other states' sound money advocates BEWARE TRAITORS in your respective state assemblies**
This is an action item!!!!

The end of Sound Money for SC could be spelled by passage of the amended "Sound Money" Session 119 - (2011-2012) - H 4128 bill currently in the Senate and set for full Finance Committee hearing on Tuesday.
Most of you know we have worked diligently for 6 years to see a Sound Money bill sponsored and passed in SC.  Rep Mike Pitts has been an exemplary champion of this cause. Early this session Rep Pitts sponsored H4128 for Sound Money in SC. Senator Thomas filed the mirror companion bill in the Senate. It was a good bill. 
As submitted, this bill would have built a firm foundation for Constitutional Money in SC.  HOWEVER, "help" from DC arrived backed by Rockefeller connected money & lobbyists. It came under the name "American Principals Project" or "APP". The founder of APP is Robert George who is a card carrying member of the CFR. Yep! The banksters have come to SC to "help" us. (Why didn’t they just bring a rope?)Membership Roster - Council on Foreign Relations

To make a long story short, the amendments made to the bill have done big damage. In fact, if passed as it is today, Session 119 - (2011-2012) - H 4128  will destroy South Carolina’s legally binding contracts where in gold or silver are contracted for payment. In other words, today’s SC legal gold & silver contracts will be void. Here is the poison amendment (which was added on in the House);
(C) No person may be compelled to accept or tender gold or silver coin, minted or otherwise.
This is the most important change. This must be reversed (back to the original language) or the bill must be killed.  There are some who say “We must pass something.” But passing this bill as is does more harm to Sound Money in SC than good. If this amendments stand as is, it will nullify today's legally binding precious metal contracts and the payee can be forced to accept FRNs in payment, forfeiting the benefit of the contract. This bill cannot be passed as it currently stands.  It could further be held to violate the Federal Constitution (“No state shall … pass any law impairing the obligation of contracts…” – Art. IV) and would put the entire bill in jeopardy (unless a provision is added to the effect that:
If any portion of this act is invalidated by a competent court, the remainder thereof shall remain intact.” (This is almost standard language anymore, to protect sections of legislation not at issue before a court.  Without it, if the “contract” provision were struck down, the study committee would fall as well.
Here is what I am asking you to do. Please contact all members of the Senate Finance Committee and ask them to amend the bill back to its original (Senator Thomas version Session 119 - (2011-2012) - S 862 ) content; OR, add the previously specified as well as the following amendment. Do not pass this bill without these changes.
"C) No person may be compelled to accept or tender gold or silver coin, minted or otherwise, except where such person offers to enter into or is a party to a contract or other obligation which requires the payment of such coin."
In addition, the original bill included language in regards to exercising the 9th & 10 Amendment authority of the state in exercising Article 1 Section 10.  This was intended to prevent any future confiscation of precious metals by the Federal Reserve or Federal Government.  This too should be reinserted in the bill.
Also, Section 1-1-1710 of the bill pertains to a study committee in regards as to how SC should go forward in implementing a Sound Money system.
    Section 1-1-1710 “There is established the Joint Committee on Adoption of an Alternate Currency composed of nine members. The nine members must be appointed as follows:”
Given this sessions experience with banksters attempts to control or destroy this states sovereignty in exercising Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution, I would recommend that sentence be amended as follows;
Section 1-1-1710 “There is established the Joint Committee on Adoption of an Alternate Currency composed of nine member citizen residents of South Carolina, not in relation to the Federal Reserve. The nine members must be appointed as follows:”
Please contact all members of the Senate Finance Committee and make it clear to them, they must CORRECT this bill. In its present amended form, it will destroy the present legally binding contracts for Constitutional Money.
Contact Thomas, David L., Chairman Banking & Finance as well, and request that he make the motion (either in committee or on the floor) to make these suggested amendments to the House Bill.

Finance Committee Contact Links

Thank you for your vigilance toward Liberty & Prosperity.
South Carolina Committee for Constitutional Money
Patricia Wheat
Ned Tolar
Jackie Fowler

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Comment by Pam Vredenburg on May 30, 2012 at 1:23am

This is not good as I am in North Carolina!


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