For several years I did not vote or express much interest in politics because I just partied too much. After I stopped that, I still did not vote because I could not afford to take time off for jury duty. In California Jury duty uses voter registration to call on people so I did not register. You get sent a subpoena and have to show up. Then I became a student and got too busy to be bothered with politics. A day came when I was embarrassed. Listening to a conversation on politics I realized I knew very little about the major subjects of the day. I have made a concerted effort to better informed from that day on.

I have learned that most of the news and current events can be depressing as hell. All the bad news can throw you into Chicken Little mode and make you want to hide from the world. Some times I felt I was overreacting and needed to re-evaluate stuff I was learning, but the more I learned the worse the truth got.

One subject I learned a great deal on was Obama’s birth certificate. I checked the reasons why they say it is forged, and why they argue it is genuine. I googled dozens of articles, went to YouTube and watched many videos from photoshoppers, Sheriff Joe, John Woodman, Obamaconspiracy, birther report, where’s Obama’s birth certificate, politifact, Snopes, and numerous other sources. I compared their arguments and conclude forgery.

I thought it was bad this document was forged. What I learned on top of that is Obama couldn’t pass E-verify with the social security (042-68-4425) number used on his 2009 taxes. Obama does not qualify to flip burgers in this nation. He has problems with his selective service card. His original Certificate of Live Birth is an apparent forgery as well. I swear I thought all this could not be right. It was easier to think I was losing it and went and double-checked everything. The problems are there.

Then I checked the Natural Born Citizen issue. I always believed that one needed two parents to be citizens at the candidate’s birth to qualify for NBC. Many court rulings and Emmer Vattel’s Law of Nations confirms this. Many argue against it as not being clearly defined in the Constitution. Many accept Obama qualified for NBC because only his mother was a citizen and he was supposedly born in Hawaii (I do not know where he was born and am not arguing about where he was born). 

But no one seems to realize what else is being ignored. Obama’s father was a British subject and possible dual citizenship issues may apply with England. Then there was his possible adoption and citizenship issues with Indonesia. What passports were used to travel back to Hawaii? Obama was not on his mother’s passport when he came back. Why? In 1981 he traveled to India, Pakistan, and Indonesia during Ramadan, what passport was used then is unknown. But the passport file was illegally accessed at the State Dept three times. Why? What really happened to Quarles Harris? (Google is your friend) Why was the public report from the State Dept so heavily redacted to be made useless to public scrutiny?

All this is getting ignored, why?

These concerns have been raised with congress. The Democrats just say they believe Obama qualifies for office. Republicans respond that we need to focus on winning the next election. It was just a bunch of denial and re-direction to distract us from the fact the United States govt has dropped the ball in defending the Constitution. They know they have an illegal candidate in office and are covering it up. What is worse, is it appears Congress routinely covers up all kinds of actions. It means nothing to them when the truth is brought up and they ridicule and demean those speaking the truth. There is no fealty to their oaths of office. I wish I had supported term limits thirty years ago when I heard about it. I guess Congress is happy when they can win their elections, stay millionaires, stay out of jail, and public be damned.

Then there is the silencing of the major media. We are not allowed to hear about Obama’s identity fraud problems in the major media. I mean they ridicule birthers, but no serious discussion of real problems. The first amendment is destroyed. The media either will not, or cannot speak of the criminal behavior of the US govt. What has happened since Nixon? The govt of the USA has wiretapped every phone, they can blackmail anybody they want. Breitbart, Clancy, and Hastings die when they apparently got close to very bad news about Obama. There are the stories of tapped computers and other problems Sheryl Atkisson encountered. There is also the AP scandal. Wanna guess why you will not hear about Obama’s fraudulent identity documents?

There is also the infiltration of social media by govt and political party operatives. Commonly called trolls, they go around and ridicule anything that does not conform to their agenda. I have made many posts and put them in hundreds of pages in fb and some blogs to try and tell my fellow Americans my concerns. The trolls are a story by themselves and this is one I wrote about my experience with them.

I have also discovered most Americans are like I have been. I understand, people get busy, have things to do, bills to pay, kids to raise, life to live, and some still have jobs they do not want to lose. Read a few headlines, watch a news show, and feel like you are staying informed.

Well America, I just want to let you know, while you were busy, our political power brokers stuck an illegal candidate in the highest office in this land. When too many people got concerned they stuck a forged birth certificate in your face, and you relaxed. You were conned. So was I at first.

If Barack Obama can use a forged birth certificate, get Congress to keep its mouth shut, silence the major media, infiltrate the social medias, and make the majority of the American public think a fraudulent birth certificate is genuine, then I suppose he can use illegal aliens as an army to invade the United States.

If you do not believe me, check out the forgery for yourself. The more you learn the worse it gets.

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