It seem that all the conspiracy theory people, ufo experts. politicians, have a divine line to the truth.
But most claims to the truth, are just peoples opinions.
The truth is denied to most people and only available to the elite. It is hidden under the vial of the official secrets act, national security, and simply lies.
So how we to know the truth? Certainly not the main media, as they are controlled by the Illuminati. The independent media is a more reliable route to the truth. But now the issues are being clouded by misinformation. Is Alex jones, an Illuminati puppet, spreading misinformation for the Illuminati, or is he the real deal? Is david icke a shape shifting reptile? These questions are being asked by IMO, by the perpetrators of disinformation.
I think Alex jones and david icle are the real deal, but they are human and are forced in to the system. so they need money. David Icke maybe perceived as greedy and Alex Jones is melodramatic, but they need to live, and as a radio host Alex has to get people to watch. There may be some things the some truthers are uncomfortable with, so you wont get all the truth from one man.
I have even seen a video claiming that the vatican are the bad guys and the Illuminati are the good guys. The one thing that is a fact, is the Illuminati are the BAD guys.
So watch the videos and read the blogs, but keep an open mind that you will get misinformation as well of facts.
But always remember the illuminatie and new world order are BAD.
We must resist tynrany

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Comment by Michael Fear on April 7, 2011 at 1:11pm
I got into a bit of trouble with this blog, by saying "David Icke is gready". I have changed the wording a little. Hope it sounds less damming to David as i realy like the guy.
However I think it did some good, as the next David Icke newsletter explained how he had been screwed by certain parties. Which left him short of money. Thats why you have to pay for thge full newsletter, and access to all the content on his website.


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