It is predictions and prophecy  that guides many. It seems that when you believe so strongly in something, that it will occur. Many people believe in the End Times, and they have pretty most the same idea of what that is supposed to look like.
I see a possibility of an alternative outcome. But it will take a great amount of people who are willing to look beyond the doom and gloom prophets many people now follow.  I see the possibility that people all over the world will begin to awaken.
For so long, the world has been fighting a spiritual tug-of-war as different religions claim exclusive dominion over the souls of humanity. Followers of Jesus, Mohammed, and Moses all believe their way is the only way  to salvation. But what if they are all wrong?
It is quite arrogant for people to cling to beliefs that put the Earth at the center of the Universe. At some point in the past there lacked a basic knowledge of the cosmos and the Earth was even considered to be flat, and punishment of death do those that dared to think otherwise.
As a nation, we face the most important election in our history. The United States was founded on fundamental principles that stated our rights our derived from our Creator, in whatever form that may be to you as an individual. It doesn't matter what God or religion you believe in. As far as individual rights are concerned in the context of a government, our Constitution makes it your right to choose. But keep in mind, others have that same right also. And most important is the fact that because both you and they share the same rights, you don't have to share the same beliefs and opinions, nor can you force your beliefs and opinions on others. That is a clear violation of their God-given rights.
But throughout history, there are always those who feel that "they" know what is best for others. Whether it be a church or an entire religion, whether it be the local, state or federal government, there are always those who think their way is best for the community or for society. I feel there are some basic rights that get infringed upon when one special interest group tries to force their beliefs on everyone.
Which brings us back to why the world must and will change. It is a matter of choice. Some choose to back a group thought process and tell us that they are "free thinkers" and that they just happen to agree with most of the group. If the group is of a special interest, then that it to the exclusion of all others who are not in that particular group or who just don't agree with their opinions.
This nation as an example to the rest of the world, was to allow everyone group to live as they feel best for themselves but without interfering with everyone else. But that was also against the wishes of those groups who wished to control all the groups, and who wanted to homogenize society into a group of obedient workers and managers. They assumed the roles of executive officers and with privileges that denied the majority their basic God-given rights.
Bans on anything the government wants to control is against basic human rights. Allowing one group special privileges over all others is an infringement on the rights of others. Often I hear or read about people who feel that they have been wronged by others who have not allowed basic rights. The simple solution is to allow them rights but not to grant special privileges to them.
The world is in crisis. Economies are toppling the world over. Political and religious conflicts occur daily, with humans murdering humans simply because they differ in thinking. It is all a manipulation and it is made easy because most people deny that it exists. People refuse to believe that their government would harm them. Especially when their government is formed under their beliefs in God.  Somehow  they equate the religious leaders as being all knowing and always right about what God wants from you.
Did you ever bother just asking God? Do you really think that any other human has a more direct communication with God than you or I? Doesn't it seem rather arrogant to think that if God wanted to tell the world something, that it would be through one religion as opposed to all others?
There is religious war being waged today. It is being waged on many fronts as Islam and Christianity clash and Judaism it caught in the middle. But more important to the idea of God-given rights, it the ideological and philosophical war being fought. That the two are intertwined is obvious. Each religion has its own set rules, or prohibitions. And the forcing of those prohibitions as laws of government directly infringe on the God-given rights of all others, who are of a different faith than the current majority or the loudest protester.
As we are less than a week away from the 2012 Presidential Election, it appears that there are lines being drawn to differentiate between the two most prominent candidates in the media.  Yet there are so parallels between these two, I find it less than amusing that the major likenesses are most ignored.
Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are for big government and tight control over the citizens. Individual rights mean nothing to either of them although they each pay lip service to it, and defend the denial and suspension of rights when the illusion of security is at risk.
Make no mistake; there is no difference when it comes to enforcing laws like the Patriot Act or National Defense Authorization Act. Both agree that if they feel it necessary, an Executive Order can be written that will by-pass the normal channels of legislation to do whatever it is they want to do.
While on the surface they seem so far apart on many issues that are relevant, they both support the same methods that got us in this mess, whether it is taxes and regulation, or defining a class of people to single out as being good or bad for the nation.

Is it too late to convince registered voters of both major parties to abandon the party and vote for a different candidate?  How about a Libertarian?  How about Gary Johnson?

It's not just an American election. This will shape the world for generations to come!

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