In Babylonian mythology Tiamat was the chaos monster a sea goddess who was destroyed by Marduk the storm god.
But Tiamat was once a planet which orbited the Sun. Marduk was what we are calling Nibiru, a brown dwarf. Nibiru had more that the 7 satellites that is now apparently has. One of Nibiru's satellites collided with Tiamat and removed some of it's crust the remains on Tiamat was knocked into a closer orbit to the sun, and it captured one of Nibiru's satellites. This became the Earth and the captured satellite became the Moon. The derbies of the crust and the satellite that collided with Tiamat, became the Asteroid belt.
At that time the Sun was a lot hotter than it is now, so if Tiamat was where Earth is now all the water on it would have evaporated, so it would be unable to support life as we know it. But if were the same distance from the Sun as Tiamat was the Earth would be too cold to support life as we know it.
So even though Nibiru is threatening to destroy us, we owe our existence to Nibiru.

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