Twins abducted by Aliens in the UK 2019-2020

JANUARY 23, 2019

#DrJRadioLive Listen live to our third night on #UnitedPublicRadio for two hours as we interview Philip and Ronald Kinsella.
Philip Kinsella is a widely acclaimed Clairvoyant Medium. He won the British Mediumship Award in Portsmouth in 2008. Apart from taking to platform work, he has also appeared on stage and is very much in demand for his Soul Survival Evidence.He is also the author of numerous books, some of which have been co-authored with his identical twin brother, Ronald, who is also an author and illustrator. Apart from dozens of published articles on the Paranormal, Philip has also appeared on Channel 4, Central, Live TV and Digital, Anglia News, along with radio interviews.

He has also had books published on the UFO phenomena and researched the Rendlesham Forest Incident which occurred in Suffolk, England in 1980, along with the first investigator/author on the case, Brenda Butler. Philip was also credited in publishing an article concerning a revolutionary speculation with regards to the UFO problem. He is currently working on more books.

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