U.S. and International Agents to Monitor E-Vote Satellite Activity During Election - Will Your Vote Count?

Philadelphia—November 2, 2006— TomFlocco.com—

House and Senate members facing either re-election or removal from office on Tuesday are not telling Americans that satellites may have the capability to access, question and effectively monitor e-vote computer systems at polling stations and central vote tabulators at all government levels via two-way modems and wireless technology.

U.S. and international intelligence agents will closely watch the activities of satellites during and after the American elections next Tuesday according to government sources who declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the issue, even as reports indicate that electronic vote tabulators in some states are now being linked to and monitored by global positioning satellites.

The federal and international agents are reportedly concerned that satellite activity of a criminal nature could render the U.S. election vulnerable to changes in certain key vote counts without polling place volunteers or county election officials knowing that clandestine vote tampering was taking place---all this notwithstanding the potential for a large voter turnout next week.

Widely-reported polls generally acknowledge that Democrats are likely to take control of the House of Representatives, but Senate power is still the subject of public conjecture.

Control of the upper legislative body has ominous implications for President Bush, the potential for impeachment and the possibility of removal from office should both bodies fall into Democratic control, particularly if enough votes are accrued in the Senate.

Missing satellites

Close races where polls indicate ties or percentages falling within the plus or minus range make electronically fixed senate or house races more believable to a trusting public, unaware of possible satellite vote tampering on the part of foreign sources—or even covertly transferred Westar satellites reportedly removed from government records control prior to the Reagan-Bush Iran contra investigation.

Even today, reports are rampant regarding missing or stolen arms in Afghanistan and Iraq, with billions of dollars missing or unaccounted for in the Department of Defense, while other reports indicate that Iridium satellite technology may also have been illegally transferred to China during the Clinton administration.

The national use of satellite technology in the voting process is not being completely revealed and fully explained to the public regarding the ability of the technology to access, query or potentially alter the vote count during or after an election using two-way modems or wireless capability.

National battleground state Pennsylvania was recently required by state law to employ electronic voting machines and central tabulators throughout the state, nullifying all other voting machines or paper ballot systems used in prior elections.

It is generally acknowledged that Tuesday’s election results will have a profound effect on the Iraq War and U.S. troops, energy and immigration policy, worldwide economies and international trade.

But House and Senate members are not revealing the possible effects of e-vote election fraud and secret corporate proprietary technical information still unavailable to county or state election officials, while the full extent of possible vulnerability to election fraud from outside the country via satellite is also unrevealed to Americans.

Other countries are already employing satellite capabilities to interface with local electronic election computer systems in recent elections in Palestine, Serbia, Buenos Aires and Bangladesh which all use Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology according to the National Democratic Institute Online (NDI).

NDI added that a pilot Geographic Information Systems (GIS) project ’created a ‘smart map’ of the West Bank and Gaza that allows users to search, edit and analyze observation information and election results at polling stations throughout the Palestinian territories.”

For the first time in a California election, Orange County GPS satellite technology will be used to track teams armed with replacement voting equipment on election day; however, the county’s ocvote.com website does note reveal whether the GPS satellites will also monitor the vote count via two-way modem or wireless technology.

The Orange County satellite ballot tracking system in the control center (above) was reported to be similar to one in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Orange County, California election control center reportedly monitors "all activity throughout the county including deployment team dispatch, GPS tracking, live web updates and more.”

Federal whistleblower Stewart Webb (http://www.stewwebb.com/) told TomFlocco.com that “Westar satellite systems—also known as KH-11 audio communications satellites—were covertly transferred from the congressional budget by the Bush-Clinton secret shadow government within the government, also called the National Programs Office, into the control of E-Systems Dallas, a subsidiary of the Raytheon Corporation.”

“The satellites have almost instant voice recognition ability to monitor any telephone in the world within one minute, and the White House can abuse this ability to spy on Americans even when their computer is turned off. . .a phone can act as a speaker unless it’s unplugged from the wall,” he said, adding, “they can hear everything you say.”

“But it gets worse,” said Webb. “High-frequency transponder devices can listen to and see Americans through their own television screens via cable transmissions.”

Fox News host / Iran contra figure Colonel Oliver North called the operation “the company,” what Webb described as “a system involving government-organized narcotics, weapons and child-sex trafficking, and there are scores of witnesses willing to testify before the Fitzgerald grand jury about how this is continuing up to the present time.”

What they don’t know won’t hurt them

Pennsylvania rolled out its new electronic voting machines statewide for the spring primary election, and we went to the polls to exercise our civic duty to vote on the county’s new Danaher 1242 machines, but after running a quick search to find out more about the new machines, we did not like what was found.

The first search result revealed that in the November 2004 election in Franklin County, Ohio phantom votes were recorded when George W. Bush received 4,256 votes and John Kerry received 260 in a precinct which only had 638 voters!

A cartridge from one Danaher 1242 machine generated a faulty vote tally at the computerized county reading station; and elections director Matthew Damschroder could not explain why the machine malfunctioned on election day since it worked fine when it was tested later in the week.

In the May, 2005 Pennsylvania primary in Berks County, Director of Elections Kurt Bellman was fired when it was found that if the Danaher machines are closed down and reopened the paper tape and paper trail are eliminated.

Three close elections were affected when the machines were shut down and votes were lost.

In the June, 2005 Hildalgo County, Texas primary, a candidate for mayor lost by six votes when one of the Dahaher 1242 machines was used by 212 voters but only 116 votes were recorded in the close race.

In the 2000 presidential election in New Castle County, Delaware, 3.6% of all ballots cast did not record any vote for president, indicating that up to 3.6% of the presidential vote was uncounted.

U.S. intelligence authority Thomas Heneghan said Francis K. Fong, head of Red Chinese secret police in North America, helped coordinate the theft of the U.S. Presidential elections in Florida, Tennessee and West Virginia in 2000 using covertly transferred Westar satellite systems. (http://www.cloakanddagger.de/)

“Fong is a liaison to Russian FSB in Seattle, some of whose operatives were recently flown into Seattle from Canada under the command and control of “U.S. Department of Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff who is also a deep-cover Israeli intelligence agent and 9/11 Urban Moving Systems co-conspirator during and after the September 11 attacks,” said Heneghan.

“Fong is also linked to the Bush-Clinton crime syndicate with direct ties to Wang Jun, former Clinton administration fund raiser and arms dealer, but also owner of an American steel company, a Chinese-owned company still represented by former Republican Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr,” he said.

Satellites also used for spying on Americans

According to U.S. intelligence sources who asked to remain anonymous but who have direct knowledge of the operations—one with whom we spoke personally, U.S. telephone and cable internet companies have been assisting the National Security Agency (NSA) in monitoring the personal computers of millions of Americans.

NSA is reportedly "using super-secret 5th generation Cray computers to tap into dial-up, DSL and high-speed broadband internet connections which also have satellite voice recognition and keystroke monitoring capabilities," said one long-time senior federal agent who talked to TomFlocco.com.

The official would not elaborate on the names of the companies; but added that "voice patterns and voice print recognition comes from the original Inslaw systems which are hooked up to E-Systems-Dallas voice recognition software."

We were also told "part of the reason the NSA is spying on Americans is to create an 'enemies list' of those critical of George W. Bush," adding "the monitored phrases, keystrokes and words trigger database networks of contacts between people around the country who are inter-related to other activists regarding issues such as the Iraq War, NSA spying, illegal immigration and critical reporters."

The Bush spy program enemies list "would be used to organize groups for internment camps--particularly the big camp being developed in northeast Yuma country, Arizona where most of the 'problem patriots and activists' will be housed if Mr. Bush is allowed to remain in power during another major terrorist or biological event," said the federal agent.



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