Submitted by Newsletter Editor: James G. Borden


This is a United States military operation in which America will launch a three prong military attack upon the Iranian nation in which to politically and military disarm Iran.


The national targets to be destroyed are Iranian’s military installations, national capital building, other national buildings in Tehran, including all 30 providence government buildings, and the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, which broadcasts 8 national television channels, and 30 provincial television channels around Iran, plus its international outlets. 


Attached to this written attack plan is an Iran Map which shows a Legend that lists the specific military and non-military locations to be destroyed. 

The map also shows the directions of the three prong attack.


The U.S. will use its’ military machine to crush the Iran’s government, military force and national communication system into complete submission within 72 hours.


To any nation attempting to intervene with this United States military operation will be attacked by this nation’s nuclear arsenal.

The United States will destroy any nation’s capital with nuclear weapons should that nation try to protect Iran from U.S. attack.

This statement is not a warning nor a threat, but a promise of nuclear military action that United States will destroy any and all nations that attempt to aid Iran.


The United States will use the combined forces if it’s Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force in a joint military operation to destroy Iran’s military force, military and civilian airports, major and minor communication systems, and major and minor government buildings.

The U.S. Navy will position 6 aircraft carrier battle groups in the Arabian Sea.
The U.S. Navy will position 2 aircraft carrier battle groups in the Mediterranean Sea.
The U.S. Navy will position 1 aircraft carrier battle group in the Atlantic Ocean off the New England coast.
The U.S. Navy will position 1 aircraft carrier battle group in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.
In Hawaii, Pearl Harbor will serve as the most western defense line of the United States.

The Air Force will use its long range and shorter range bombers stationed in the continental United States, Germany and other locations.

The U.S. Army will use its aircraft which are already stationed in the Middle East and Germany.

The Marines will also engage the enemy with its own aircraft in cooperation with the Navy.

The basic operational headquarters of this attack will be with the U.S. Navy because of its’ 12 massive aircraft carrier fleet.


To achieve and maintain a comprehensive operational picture of the littoral environment including surface, undersea, air, and relevant land areas of interest.

Command and Control:
To exercise command and control of its assigned U.S. and multi-nation forces.
Coordinate tasking of space-based surveillance and communications systems during the enabling phase of a major regional conflict.

Air Superiority:
To seize and maintain control of designated airspace.

Maritime Superiority:
In a multi-threat environment, control maritime areas including coastal regions, bounded areas, choke points, as well as the open ocean.

Power Projection:
To project power ashore, on short notice, against a wide range of strategic, operational, and tactical targets in the face of sophisticated air defense systems, during day and night, in all weather conditions.
Theater Ballistic Missile Defense (MBMD):
To provide defense of littoral areas and selected theater wide areas against attack by tactical ballistic missiles.

Amphibious Force Operations:
To extend maritime and air superiority sufficient to cover a Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) operation against air, surface, and ground opposition.

Special Operations:
To execute overt or clandestine insertion/extraction by air, surface, or subsurface means and support Special Operations Forces (SOF) in order to conduct surveillance or special or special tasking in hostile or potentially hostile environments.

Aircraft carrier strike groups include the following; cruisers, destroyers, littoral combat ships, frigates, amphibious assault ships, amphibious command ships, amphibious transport ships, amphibious transport docks, dock landing ships, attack submarines, ballistic missile submarines, guided missile submarines, mine counter measure ships, numerous support ships and hospital ships.

Major locations to be hit include but are not limited to: Iran’s capital Tehran; all 30 capitals of Iran’s 30 providences; all major and smaller size air fields, army and navy (particularly Bushehr, Iran’s major navy base) locations; nuclear power plant(s), including the new 360 MWe nuclear power plant at Bushehr); and Iran’s major news media communication center in Tehran the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

U.S. Navy vessels to be used in this plan include but is not limited to:
• Crusiers 
• Destroyers
• Littoral combat ships
• Frigates
• Amphibious assault ships
• Amphibious command ships
• Amphibious transport ships
• Dock loading ships
• Attack submarines
• Ballastic missile submarines
• Guided missile submarines
• Mine counter-measure ships
• Various support ships, including hospital ships
Aircraft to be used in this plan include but is not limited to:
• B-1 Lancer Aircraft
• B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber: The B-2 is a low-observable, strategic, long-range, heavy bomber capable of penetrating sophisticated and defense air-defense shields.
It is capable of all-attitude attack missions up to 50,000 ft. with a range of more than 6,000 nm unrefueled and over 10,000 nm with one refueling, giving it the ability to fly to any point in the world with hours.
• B-52 Stratofortress Bomber
• B P-3 Bomber
• B-S-SB Bomber
• F-14 Aircraft
• F-15 Aircraft
• F-16 Aircraft
• F-5NF Freedom Fighter
• F/A-18 Hornet
• F/A-18 E/F

All necessary missiles on navy ships and submarines will be utilized in this operation.

U.S. weapon systems being used will include conventional weapons, neutron bombs, and regular nuclear weapons (if deemed necessary) from all military vessels and aircraft to successfully complete this military attack upon Iran and to protect the United States of America.


The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting in Tehran will be a first-strike priority.

All military installations including airports, both military and civilian in and around Tehran will be a first-strike priority.

All of Iran’s 30 providence government buildings will be a first-strike priority.

All ten major military bases in Iran will be a first-strike priority.

All three of Iran’s Air Force areas will be included in the first-strike priority.

Western Area: Mehrabad, doshan-Tappeh, Tabriz, Hamaden, Dezful, Umidiyeh, Shiraz, Isfahan, Ahuaz, Esfahen (Khatami Air Base) and Bandar Beheshti

Southern Area: Bushehr, Bandar Abbas and Chah Bahar

Eastern Area: Zahedan, Tehran and Shiraz’s training squadron.

Major Navy Bases: Bandare-e Abbas & Bushehr, Bandar-e Beheshti, and Bandar-e Shahpur are first-strike priorities.

Smaller Navy Bases: Bander Behesht, Khorramshahr, Khark Island, and Bandar-e Khomeini are second strike priorities.

Iran’s Tactical Airbases for first-strike priority include:
• Mehrabad
• Tabriz
• Shahrokhi 
• Vahdati
• Omidiyeh
• Bushehr
• Shiraz
• Khatami
• Bandar
• Chahbahar
• Ghale Morghi
• Doshan
• Zahedon
• Mashhed


Iran’s nuclear program was launched in the 1950’s with the help of the U.S. as part of the “Atoms for Peace” program.
It continued until 1979 and started again after the Iran Revolution toppled the Shah of Iran.
• Iran has several research sites.
• Iran has two uranium mines.
• Iran has one research reactor, and uranium processing facilities that include three known uranium enrichment plants.
Bushehr I is planning to go on line with the next few months.
Bushehr II reactor appears to be on hold.
However, Iran does envision 19 nuclear power plants in the future.
Iran has announced that it is working on a new 360 MWe nuclear power plant to be located in Darkhovin (which is a second-strike priority).

All known nuclear installations, either non-military or military will be included in the second and third-strikes using neutron nuclear weapons.


The United States military will attack Iran from three directions:

One directional attack will come down from the northwest into Iran.
The second directional attack will down from the northeast into Iran.
The third directional attack will come up from the south into Iran.

All first-strike targets will be hit by long-range bombers.
All first-strike targets will be hit by either conventional or neutron missile weapons.
First-strike targets include the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, Tehren, and all providence capitals.
First-strike targets include all the major military installations and airports (Air Force, Army & Navy).

Second-strike targets will include secondary military installations, secondary communications systems and other government buildings.
Second-strike targets will include civilian airports.
Second-strike target will include nuclear reactor and nuclear research installations.

Third-strike targets will include minor military installations, minor communications systems and minor airports.

Third-strike targets will include a second hit on any remaining first-strike targets.

This three-prong attack will attack all three general targets simultaneously.

Fighter planes from the aircraft carriers and surround bases in the Mideast will provide the necessary air cover for bombers to reach their targets and to protect the aircraft carriers from a counter-attack by the Iranian Airforce.

All three strikes will occur in rapid, accurate fashion to destroy Iran’s military capacity within 3 days.


To destroy Iran’s government, military installations, and communications systems so Iran will be no longer be a threat to either America or Israel.


Written By Newsletter Editor: James G. Borden

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Comment by Kerry Hay on February 6, 2012 at 7:41am

The U.S. bully-boys like to intimidate a peaceful Iran. Russia and China cannot or will not standby and allow the Zionist's State of Israel to murder 68 million innocent Iranian women and children in the name of the land of the brave. We the people of this world say, no more wars in our name, thank you very much!!!     

Comment by Pam Vredenburg on February 6, 2012 at 3:00am

I found this on facebook & was conserned with this. Also wanted to know what you have to say about this! If this is TRUE why is it on FACEBOOK?


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