Aug. 28, 2012

This has been a very busy year for me so far and as I have a moment to take a breather, I figure now is a good time to make a note on some of my projects this year.

I haven't been as prolific a writer this year but I do have several new articles up at that would be of interest to anyone following the story of unethical globalism and the conjoined Contact Paradigm.  

Exopolitical Mediation and Facilitation - Importance of new measure...   

This one is my latest, just completed yesterday.  Exopolitics in my view is very hide (leather) bound.  There is a tremendous amount of activity going on that is being entirely missed.  I believe this is because of a set value system with personal profit at its core.  The public is being led by a handful of exopolitical powerhouses to learn an approach to the paradigm that does not lead to direct interconnection with those who are first hand experiencers because the "measures of success" currently employed are dead-ends.

Governance by policy and socio-cultural alterations: Christianity, ...   

This article above includes a brief backstory about transhumanism, the homosexual agenda, and depopulation policies being tangled up and feeding one another.

Reason left the room when Oregon man sent to prison for rainwater c...     

One of the big issues insiders of the Contact Paradigm continually point out is a huge concern over water and control of it as a resource.  The NWO globals are chasing this one like mad maniacs going after homeowners on their own property using naturally available amounts of the resource...this is also used to gain a greater degree of control and ownership over land stripping homeowners of their rights.  There are some in the Contact Paradigm who consider water as a trade commodity and other parties who argue that since mankind is the newcomer and ETs have always been here that we do not have exclusive ownership rights to planetary resources and that global governance will reflect that.

Security state apparatus - concern between two friends     

This particular article goes into the disconnect between the public and how governance is actually accomplished at this time.  It touches on some of the confidential work I do which I cannot go into but gives the reader an idea of the subjects and dialog of which they can do their own research to find the flow of concerns and ideas.  It involves a conversation with my friend "gus" where we illustrate that the public has been removed from system influence and the realization is in the process of sinking in.

And this one is a continuation of what happened in January with a forum war that exploded onto the net which was over IC groups who quite literally managed to shut down permanently a public knowledge cache on the subject of the Contact Paradigm so that later under unambiguous contact circumstances they would be able to present whatever version of history and involvement that suits them.  Open Minds Forum has since been moved and the original content largely restored to the net.  

The catastrophic event is tied to some system practices involving legal fiction.  With that you will need to read the article to get a better view of what it is.

Which leads into the one big project of my year the restoration of Open Minds Forum.  When the attack was underway, multiple parties representing several transnational IC factions found they could lodge complaints to the hosting company ProBoards about liable posts and that enough complaints would result in forum suspension.  They worked at it enough to get the forum permanently suspended while at the same time forcing google to keep compromising pictures up on the web showing a sanctioned whistleblower in less than tasteful attire as a means of shutting dialog down.

The half and whole of the story was that members of Compass Morainn: An Association of Exopolitical Mediators and Facilitators stepped in with crew of techies to rescue the original content before the final closure by the hosting company.  OMF was a massive forum comprised of over 7 years of extensive data, dialog, research, and information sharing.  The copy of the forum contents was completed a mere hour prior to irreconcilable suspension.  The content has since been moved to a different hosting company, the active forum restored to a different hosting company, and a new Alpha Website built to coordinate between the different heads of the hydra.  Word has not spread widely yet of the forum's restoration so traffic is still low but that has not been a huge concern as there has still been bugs and issues with the data transfer (the upload) which is being worked out and has been labor intensive.  The full restoration is the combined effort of several parties who have contributed to the content.

You can visit the site here:

Lucianarchy's Original Open Minds Forum - Alpha Site  

Alpha Site

Lucianarchy's Original Open Minds Forum - Community Site

OMF Returns Video - For Distribution

Animal celebrates the return of OMF - video

Anyway that's pretty much it.  I have many other articles of potential interest to you on hubpages.  Please feel free to visit and explore a side to the fight over the nature of globalism and extraterrestrial contact that is rarely seen.  

Written By  Cyrellys 

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Comment by Pam Vredenburg on August 28, 2012 at 2:44pm

Looks Good, I like the Picture :)

Comment by Pam Vredenburg on August 28, 2012 at 12:15pm

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