February 24, 2013

So you thought you did everything right. You ate well, you took vitamins, stayed away from toxins? Exercised, didn't smoke or drink or do drugs. Lived a healthy lifestyle doing everything right? You see so many and wonder how did they get cancer? They were "health nuts" how could "they" get cancer? Hmm. Well, the one thing I've been preaching for a year. STAY AWAY FROM VACCINES. What if you did everything right but when you were a baby your parents (who didn't know better, not placing blame on any parent, now or then) you had a vaccine? That pink stuff they told the kids to drink, it prevents polio they said. Or NOT! What if you did everything right and when you got older you discover you have cancer? You think and can't figure out how. Does it really even matter at this point? Well it does and it doesn't. It doesn't because you now have cancer and have to deal with that horrible disease and pray you can fix it. Cure it. Be cancer free and go on with your life. It does matter because IF your cancer was caused by a vaccine. For God sake everyone! Stop taking and giving ANY vaccines to your children or babies. NONE. There is NO SAFE VACCINE & NO VACCINE PREVENTS ANY DISEASE OR ILLNESS. NONE! There is a 12 year old boy in this story who died after having the Gardisil vaccine. This is a vaccine for cervical cancer? Why you may ask would a BOY need a cervical cancer vaccine? They DON'T. Girls don't need one either. It won't prevent cervical cancer for anyone. But, our great government and Pharmas have convinced some parents, because the girls weren't getting the vaccine in masses as they had hoped, to say all 12 year old boys should get the vaccine and it would prevent the girls from getting cervical cancer when they have sex. Really! Does this even sound logical? Ok I'm not placing blame on any parent who has had their yound son vacccinated against cervial cancer. Its not their fault. They're very good at telling their story of how they NEED this vaccine, you must give it to them. And some parents believe no doctor would lie to them? Why would my doctor lie to me? Well they do. Or they also don't know better either (some of the time). 

The simple fact remains. And this is FACT. Ill debate anyone and everyone. Bring it on. THERE IS NO SAFE VACCINE AND THERE IS NO REASON TO HAVE ANY VACCINE FOR ANY REASON EVER! Period! Stay away from the poison needle. Now and forever. They have now come up with so many new vaccines and put more poison in those that have been around for years that they WILL kill you, make you very ill, cause death, or terrible disability. It might be immediate as some babies die before leaving the doctors office, or it may be 20 years later you come down with cancer and don't know why. 

The flu vaccine will NOT PREVENT THE FLU
The measles vacccine WILL NOT PREVENT THE MEASLES.
If you don't have a tetinus (spelling) shot you WILL NOT GET LOCKJAW AND DIE.
Vaccines are for one reason & one reason alone. To make the pharmas richer & harm adults, children & babies. PERIOD! (They are now, yes, fact, even for depopulation help) (ask Bill Gates)
I have a zillion posts on vaccines. If you want to read more search through and read them, or do your own research. But PLEASE, do not take a vaccine and do not give one to your children. EVER!!!
Be well!
For the record, my mother has never had a vaccine, I & my siblings have never had a vaccine, non of our children have ever had a vaccine, my nieces new babies have now never had a vaccine. There are now 4 generations in our family & none of us have ever had a single vaccine. We never got any of the childhood diseases and died. I've stepped on my share of rusty nails and didn't get lockjaw. I haven't had the flu in as long as I can remember. And no one in my family has either. I'm practicing what I preach. Also, your children have NO problem getting into school without a vaccine log. You simple ask for a waiver form when you sign them up and they hand it to you. You sign it and you're on your way. They will NOT tell you about these waivers or offer them unless you ask. So please don't say my kids can't get into school with their vaccines. Its simply a lie! Also, I'd homeschool my kids before id let the government decide what I put into my kids bodies to get into public school. But you don't have to. Sign a vaccine waiver. You don't need a reason. Simply sign it and walk away. VACCINE FREE!
Sorry to be harsh I don't mean to be. I'm just so sad to keep hearing of babies & children & elderly dying or getting horrible real disease because of vaccines. They are poison needles. Poison being shot into the innocent bodies of those who believe what their doctors say is good for them. ITS A LIE!
Stay well. Keep healthy!

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