Why does this 6-year-old have black eyes?

Why does this 6-year-old have black eyes? She was beaten up by the Imam at her family’s mosque in Morocco. Why? She accidentally walked on his prayer rug. Doesn’t he know that it’s “72 Dark-Eyed Virgins,” NOT Black-Eyed ones?
Religion of Peace? Well, maybe Piece . . . as in the piece of steak her mother probably had to put on her eyes to stop the swelling (assuming her mother was sad about the beating of her daughter in the name of Islam–and that’s a big assumption).

Soruce :https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=256059201114849&set=a.2...

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Comment by sabine.daheim on December 3, 2011 at 4:33pm

On the same the note, remember Lisa Steinberg, the 6 year old that was beaten to death by her adoptive father in the '90s? Her father was a lawyer. Now does that mean that ALL New York Lawyers are child beating, child killing fathers????

Are ALL Germans Nazis? All blacks gang bangers? All Mexicans lazy and good for nothing? All southerners stupid and in-bred? All Asians inferior?

The original statement inferred that all muslims beat little girls in the name of their religion. Which is unlikely. Just as unlikely that all New York lawyers beat and kill their children.

In every culture and religion you will find zealots that take things over the edge in the name of their belief. But to ascribe these tendencies and behaviors to all that live in that same culture or practice the same belief does nothing but stir animosity and prejudice toward those that don't engage or practice extreme behaviors.

Do we really need to stir up more hatred in these times? Is not more important to focus on what brings us together rather than focus on what sets us apart?

Comment by sabine.daheim on December 3, 2011 at 4:02pm

No child ever should be beaten for any reason. But let's be honest, child beaters are in every religion, race, nationality and gender. To make this a prominent point without acknowledging this fact is to stir prejudice where we don't need none. I remember Catholic priests administering "discipline" that would be called child abuse now without being held accountable for it. likewise teachers applying the ruler or switch to the palms of children's hands till the palms swelled to the point the could not close their hands. What about that? What about the parents that beat their children like that? To vilify this Iman for what he did is wrong if others that do the same don't get equal treatment.


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