Most of you who have been following the 'official' government cover-up of 9/11 are well aware of Mr. Cooper's contributions to the truth movement.
Those of you less familiar with his work might want to dig a little deeper, Cooper not only warned of a coming planned attack on US soil, he went so far as to name the scapegoat.(Bin Laden)
This is one of Cooper's recordings of his radio talk show, Hour of the Time, from 06/28/01.
Many believe that he was killed because of the things he says here; disclosing highly sensitive information, & particularly forewarning listeners to disregard any connection to Osama Bin Laden should a future attack on US soil occur.


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Comment by Kerry Hay on August 3, 2013 at 11:34pm

William (Bill) Cooper predicted 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Myself been one of the best psychic when talking to a girl on the beach that America is going to be attacked in two weeks time, and prediction came true, like dozens of other events had come to in the past; anyway that's another story. 

William Cooper said in regards to "Majestic 12". MJ-12 is a Ultra Top Secret Research and Development, Intelligence Operation established by President Truman on September 24, 1947 in light of the events at Roswell, New Mexico, where a UFO supposedly crashed and gray aliens/alien hybrids were captured.

The "Majestic Twelve, members "MJ 12" were "Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter; Dr. Vannevar Bush; Sect. James V. Forrestal; Gen. Nathan P. Twining; Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg; Dr. Detlev Bronk; Dr. Jerome Hunsaker; Mr. Sidney W. Souers; Mr. Gordon Gray; Dr. Donald Menzel; Gen. M. Montaque; Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner. 

Cooper expressed grave concerns that there seeded to be a connection with routine military flights, experimental aircraft malfunctions and disappearances associated with UFO sightings. In some cases aircraft had disappeared with atomic bombs aboard which were never recovered. The military went to great lengths to protect systems from potential jamming. Jamming would happen regularly in many experimental aircraft when UFO's were seen in the area. UFO sightings at or near military facilities brought up many issues. One document contained multiple reports of the complete disappearance on men and equipment. It stated that disappearances were rare but warranted consideration and the UFO hypotheses seemed to be the only explanation. It went on to state that 4000 soldiers, weapons and equipment (horses included) disappeared during the Spanish war. In 1885 about 600 French colonial soldiers vanished without a trace. In 1939 over 2900 Chinese Nationalists troops were reported missing though campfires and mess tents were undisturbed. These statistics seem to give the MJ-12 group unsure feeling about the potential UFO/alien threat.

A meeting was called to address the issue of preparing the Airforce in vase of a UFO attack, there had been so many UFO sightings over the United States. Theodore von Karmon who chaired the meeting persuaded the panel to establish a separate panel free from pentagon control to deal with this scenario.


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