The Christians called "Jesus of Galilee" or Jesus of Nazareth whose real name was Yeshua ben Joseph, supposedly born 6 - 4 BC, Bethlehem? died AD 30, Jerusalem? He was actually born in 1 BC in the 15 to 18th year & was crucified in the 15th year 1 AD in the reign of Tiberius Caesar Augustus, original name been Tiberius Claudius Nero (AD 14 - 37). The adopted son of Augustus, Nero was a high priest and magistrate of Rome. See photo below -

Jesus Christ as he appeared to the Romans in the 15th year 1 AD. A Lentulus, a Roman, being an official for the Romans in the province of Judea in the time of Tiberius Caesar, upon seeing Christ and noting his wonderful works, his preaching, his endless miracles and other amazing things about him, wrote thus to the Roman senate: - There appeared in these times, and still is, a man of great power named Jesus Christ, who is called by the Gentile peoples, the prophet of truth, and whom his disciples call the Son of God; raising the dead and healing diseases, a man in stature middling tall e.g., between 5ft & 6ft tall, and comely, having reverend countenance, which they that look upon may love and fear; having hair of the hue of an unripe hazelnut, the hair somewhat darker at the top and smooth almost down to his ears, but from the ears down in curling locks and more shining, waving over 'from his shoulders; having a parting at the middle of his head according to the fashions of the Nazarenes; a brow smooth and very calm, with a face without wrinkles or any blemish, which a moderate color (red) makes beautiful; with the nose and mouth no fault at all can be found; having a full beard of the colour of his hair, not long but a little forked at the chin; having an expression simple and mature, the eyes grey, glancing (various) and clear; in rebuke terrible, in admonition kind and lovable, cheerful yet keeping gravity; sometimes he hath wept, but never laughed; in stature a body tall and straight, with hand and arms fair to look upon; in talk grave, reserved and modest, 'so that he was rightly called by the prophet' and fairer than the children of men. Wearing a long loose light cream sleeved robe. Note, "Christ hair color was Auburn, the color of red wine and somewhat darker at the top of his head. "Of cause many Arabs & Muslims believed Jesus was I-mam, a leader of the Shiahs or heterodox Persian sect of Moslems, or that Jesus was Iman al-Saihin, "the Prince of the Wanderers" echoing the status of one who had "nowhere to lay his head.

(BC) before Christ. (AD) Anno Domini. (BCE) before Common Era. (BP) before Present. (CE) Common Era.


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