Oct 4, 2017
Former Alex Jones employees and guests speak out about the big problems going on at Infowars
Rob Jacobson
Kurt Nimmo
Anthony Gucciardi
Aaron and Melissa Dykes
Luke Ridkowski
Jason Bermas
David Icke
Wayne Madsen
and Jack Blood

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Comment by Pam Vredenburg on October 8, 2017 at 10:01pm

In the beginning, Alex Jones was the talent advocates needed. Speaking truth to power and uttering the words, "9/11 Was an Inside Job" and piquing the interests of many.  But over time, he has turned more and more like "Fox News" light & the rest of them. They got to him somehow. He is no longer the loudest voice for truth. He is now part of the Left / Right, divide & conquer con game. Manipulating advocates & the general public just like the rest of the propaganda megaphones in the MSM and politicians and other false prophets in the Matrix.
He is no longer part of the solution but part of the problem...

TY Adam Green for putting together this very important video. Never compromise the truth! 


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