Jordan Codices Secrets of the Seventy Ancient Metal Books

Jun 6, 2018
COAST TO COAST AM. COAST TO COAST AM. Jordan Codices—seventy ancient metal books which could have something to do with the historical Jesus, or possibly contain intriguing new mysteries about Jewish Kabbalah. The codices were found near a mikvah (a pool used for purification in Judaism) in a cave where they appear to have been ritually interred, Samual Zinner explained, noting that the tablets look like "test objects." Since they contained imperfections as well as the sacred name of God, they were buried, he added. Zinner spoke about the iconography used within the Codices and dated them to the Bar Kokhba revolt in the second century. Experts are still trying to determine if these objects are modern forgeries, kabbalistic amulets, or ancient Hebrew-Christian artifacts, he said. The majority of the text is short, some of it is indecipherable, and it seems mostly related to Jewish Kabbalah than Christianity, Zinner added.

Featured guests also include: Graham Phillips

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