Richard C Hoagland NASA the New Space Race Has Begun

Jun 4, 2018
COAST TO COAST AM. Richard C. Hoagland, detailed why he believes we are on the cusp of a "Second Age of Space" as seen in the latest developments in space exploration. He cited the burgeoning private space industry as a key driver in this evolution, since it is poised to ultimately free space exploration from the confines of government-based agencies. To that end, Hoagland specifically pointed to Monday's upcoming Space X launch as a critical event, as the company will once again attempt to successfully land their booster rocket when it returns to Earth. Should the landing prove successful, he declared, it will mark the beginning of a new era in exploration that will ultimately result in the average person being able to travel to space due to the reduced cost of such trips.

Featured guests also include Debra Martin, Sheri Getten
News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts & Jerome Corsi

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