The heart of The 9/11 Truth Movement's Success lies in its Marketing - Parts 1 & 2

Jun 17, 2018
The Importance of Marketing for the Success of the 9/11 Truth Movement
Claudio Marty of

This video is being created to help you understand the power of passive marketing. Spreading awareness cannot succeed on a large scale without marketing. 9/11 Truth Advocates must do all we can to make the movement LOOK popular in order to be taken seriously by family, friends and the general public.

The difference between our marketing campaign and the Mainstream Media’s ongoing marketing campaign is striking. The MSM only reinforces the official story of 9/11 and their relentless selling of THE endless “war on terror” illusion which has killed millions of innocent people, is draining our country's finances, creating the biggest debt based society in history. and is the megaphone for pillaging other countries and regime change and on and on and on, and on.

Our marketing campaign is built upon a foundation of truth and a mountain of sound, and obvious evidence.
Theirs are all built upon a foundation of falsehoods. Why are they getting away with this? Because they make sure the lies are more popular than the truth. The Lies SHOW is bigger than the truth’s SHOW. Face it, we’re all in SHOW business and theirs are humanity’s ultimate doom…

“ONCE SOMEONE KNOWS THE TRUTH, THE LIES NO LONGER HAVE POWER OVER THEM!” - That is what the true perpetrators of 9/11 and the complicit Mainstream Media are afraid of. An awakened citizenry that no longer can be controlled with propaganda and will start to speak up against them. The ultimate truth is our power, we just need to awaken more of us on the grander scale.

The 9/11 truth movement is the most important movement in history because it can expose it all, no one in power that is complicit in the 9/11 crime, can continue to get away with their crimes against humanity.
And also, we will expose their number 1 weapon, the mainstream media. Only 9/11 Truth can get this job done, because without the mainstream media’s help in the cover up, the true perpetrators could not have gotten away with this horrendous crime and to continue with their agenda of complete world domination.

For every single newly awakened individual, he or she will add their voice about truth and justice and every voice on the side of truth makes all our voices louder to the point that the world will be demanding a reinvestigation of the 9/11 attacks and not by the gatekeepers behind closed doors but in an open court for the world to witness.

We must stress, that all advocates should participate with marketing 9/11 Truth and with the utmost urgency because “the powers that shouldn't be” are aware, and they are afraid of the day when the population knows the truth and their reign over all of us is over.

But our window of opportunity is steadily closing. So with time, they will continue to infringe on our rights, they will continue to limit and censor our voices, censor the internet to the point that the only thing that the world will be exposed to is pure propaganda online and off, and they will make sure that true patriots like us will be silenced, discredited and scorned by the rest of the population.

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