They're Out To Kill US - With Chemtrails, Flouride & Electronic Radiation - Jerry Day

Mar 2, 2012
Chemtrails, Flouride in the water, cell phone radiation. Some around the planet think there are too many people on the earth - that the earth cannot sustain billions of people and people will starve. Yet farmers are paid to not grow crops. One way to solve this "problem" is to make animal life just as important as human life on the planet. That is, in the end, to take away what rights humans have and to degrade their status down to the rights of animals. Eugenisist Thomas Maltus would approve. So blow up the dams, put people in urban human rabbit cages, restrict their movement making transportation expensive, Cut down on the carbon emmisions and save the earth by getting rid of the people who are polluting the earth and using its scarce resources. This is the mindset. Jerry Day acknowledges this and he states that Obama is the puppet and being told to enact the agenda.

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Comment by sharon eileen gagon on March 3, 2012 at 10:36am

I wish I could talk like this guy, this is what I wanted to say in the livestream, so here is the info, I wanted to get out there and talk about, can u please delete those 2 video"s of me cause they r not professional to me and I want to do a good one, u will see and I can be proud of myself instead of embarresed

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