Truth Rises to the Top, p1: Cyndi Babecka, Therese Westphal

Apr 30, 2012 by lasemedinc
A long overdue discussion on certain previously suppressed FACTS about two high profile cases which have been used since 2009 to spread lies and slander against Dr. Carpenter. Dr. Carpenter's decision to come forward with this information is based on a recent discovery that "HIPAA" patient privacy regulations do not apply in cases such as these. Not to mention that falsified versions of the details had already been publicized for the purpose of attacking Dr. Carpenter. This video contains medical records (which the corrupt Federal Judge James M. Moody would not allow to be used in court to defend LMI) proving once and for all, that Lase Med Inc's treatment KILLED Therese Westphal's breast cancer, and that Therese Westphal had her breasts removed for nothing more than the sake a frivolous lawsuit; and that Cyndi Babecka had thyroid cancer in addition to breast cancer, thryoid cancer that she CHOSE not to have treated at Lase Med... a detail that nobody ever mentioned in the numerous attack pages, videos, blogs, or in the fake news.
Why didn't you ever mention Cyndi Babecka's THYROID cancer, Michelle? Why didn't you ever mention it, "Luvstar"? Why didn't you ever mention it ON TV, or in court, Bob Babecka? Because you're all liars, that's why.

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