All Videos Tagged 1997 (United Truth Seekers) - United Truth Seekers 2020-05-26T00:16:00Z Bee Gees - One Night Only - 1997 (Full Concert HD),2019-07-28:6387970:Video:344022 2019-07-28T20:18:30.986Z Pam Vredenburg <a href=""><br /> <img alt="Thumbnail" height="180" src=";width=240&amp;height=180" width="240"></img><br /> </a> <br></br>Jan 4, 2014<br></br> Intro - You Should Be Dancing / Alone<br></br> Massachusets<br></br> To Love Somebody<br></br> Words<br></br> Closer Than Close<br></br> Islands In The Stream<br></br> Our Love (Don't Throw It All Away) Ft. Andy Gibb<br></br> Night Forever / More Than a Woman<br></br> Lonely Days<br></br> New York Mining Disaster 1941<br></br> I Can't See Nobody<br></br> And The Sun Will… <a href=""><br /> <img src=";width=240&amp;height=180" width="240" height="180" alt="Thumbnail" /><br /> </a><br />Jan 4, 2014<br /> Intro - You Should Be Dancing / Alone<br /> Massachusets<br /> To Love Somebody<br /> Words<br /> Closer Than Close<br /> Islands In The Stream<br /> Our Love (Don't Throw It All Away) Ft. Andy Gibb<br /> Night Forever / More Than a Woman<br /> Lonely Days<br /> New York Mining Disaster 1941<br /> I Can't See Nobody<br /> And The Sun Will Shine<br /> Nights On Broadway<br /> How Can You Mend a Broken Heart<br /> Heartbreaker<br /> Guilty<br /> Immortality Ft. Celine Dion<br /> Tragedy<br /> I Started a Joke<br /> Grease<br /> Jive Talkin'<br /> How Deep Is Your Love<br /> Stayin' Alive<br /> You Should Be Dancing<br /> <br /> -----------------------------------------------<br /> <br /> Bee Gees, performing live concert at One Night Only<br /> Don't forget buy the original DVD